New Month’s Resolution

Sometimes I make New Year’s Resolutions so why not a New Month’s Resolution? Ok. Here goes. My new month’s resolution is to do my exercises and do a skincare regime  BEFORE I hit the blogs. All because I received some new Skin Care Products.

I hardly ever do any skincare because I am lazy to plaster my face with creams and lotions and they are expensive too.

So my New Month’s Resolution is to do these things BEFORE I hit the blogs because once I do, nothing else gets done!

Hope I keep up to my New Month’s Resolution to the New Year and beyond. HAVE to because I climbed on the scales last night and found that I had put on 4 kg. 4 kg! I was supposed to lose 4 kg not put it on! Now I have to work doubly hard to lose 8kg!

I was a good girl this morning. Did my exercises and slapped on some stuff on my face so now I can blog. 🙂

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  1. Greg says:

    Hello MG,

    An excellent post on the “need to make monthly resolutions” on top of the “usual yearly resolution” most people set for themselves but never achieve year- in-year out 😉 (including me).

    In order to accomplish the goal(s) set on a yearly basis, we all need to take our “baby steps” first in order to reach the ultimate goal(s) set for the whole year ;). Will have to set such monthly resolutions for myself even if there is only 1 goal per month.

    I think you best set your goal to lose the 4kg you gained first THEN another monthly goal to lose the other 4kg the next month instead of doubling your exercise effort ;P. Just my thoughts.

    Ya, do not spend too much time with skin care products esp. those “branded and expensive” types. Use basic skin care, make sure you clean properly, eat & sleep right and SMILE lots. Our skin will only “aged” as we mature with years :P.

    Have a great week ;).

    Hello Greg. My target is not to lose x amount of kg but rather to exercise daily. Hopefully, the rest (of the weight) will take care of itself. I think that branded and expensive types of skin care products are a marketing ploy to make women part with their money. So I refuse to get caught up in it. I don’t buy skin care, I win them through contests. 😛 I think the only time a lady needs skin care is during the teens where proper hygiene must be taught and products to help manage acne is required. Thanks for your feedback.

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