Sometimes I make New Year’s Resolutions so why not a New Month’s Resolution? Ok. Here goes. My new month’s resolution is to do my exercises and do a skincare regime  BEFORE I hit the blogs. All because I received some new Skin Care Products.

I hardly ever do any skincare because I am lazy to plaster my face with creams and lotions and they are expensive too.

So my New Month’s Resolution is to do these things BEFORE I hit the blogs because once I do, nothing else gets done!

Hope I keep up to my New Month’s Resolution to the New Year and beyond. HAVE to because I climbed on the scales last night and found that I had put on 4 kg. 4 kg! I was supposed to lose 4 kg not put it on! Now I have to work doubly hard to lose 8kg!

I was a good girl this morning. Did my exercises and slapped on some stuff on my face so now I can blog. 🙂

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