I have mentioned before that its sometimes takes me only 5 to 10 minutes to write a blog post, especially a blog post without pictures. Well, it takes me a whole morning to write up a Squidoo lens. Phew! Writing Squidoo Lenses is hard work.

Take for example this post. I am in a hurry as I am rushing for some other task, so I can finish this post in 5 minutes flat because my thoughts are pouring out faster than I can type. On the other hand, it took me the whole morning to produce my latest Squidoo lens for little Bob the Builder Fans. Bob The Builder Online.

That is not all. Once a blog post is published, I promptly forget about it. However once a Squidoo lens is published, I come back to it often to tweak it over and over and add stuff and more articles in it constantly to improve my Squidoo rank. It is an ongoing thing.

Hmm…. it had better be worth my while! Still, I enjoy it and I guess that is the most important thing of all. I can’t decide which I enjoy more. Blogging or Building Lenses. I guess I enjoy blogging for writing and Squidoo for the images and what I can do to make it look nice.

Right. Times up. For the record, this post took less than 5 minutes.

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