The other day I passed by a man trying to take a photo of a restaurant. Intent on getting the best shot, he was oblivious to me or any other passer by.

Some time ago, I had to walk up an escalator which had come to a halt because of a crocs shoe that had somehow got stuck at the top of the escalator. Everyone was staring at the shoe and several cameras were zipped out from pockets and handbags.

At a car park, it is quite common these days to see someone take out his camera phone to take a photo of his parking lot to help him or her remember where he or she had parked.

With digital cameras and now cameras within mobile phones, everyone seems to be taking photos of anything and everything and sending them round. With theseĀ online college classes you can take your love of photography from a hobby to a career.

Whenever, I see someone taking a photo of his food, I would automatically think to myself that this person must be a blogger but it is no longer true. That may be the case previously, but now everyone wants to send photos of what he ate to his friend or to the world and update it on his social media page.

So far, I have not gotten into the habit of taking pictures of things around me. That is because I don’t have a phone with a camera. Perhaps if I had one, I too would be taking pictures of my food, my surroundings, the restaurant and that shoe stuck on the elevator.

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