Slow Down in Blogging

My streamyx was out for 2 days. 2 whole days and I could not get online for all of that time. So what did I do? I went to catch up with some sleep and played some silly addictive pc games thats what I did.

Anyway, with the school holidays approaching, the kids will be home and the hubby will probably take leave here and there so that means all my time will be occupied. That means there will be a slow down in blogging. Well, no one missed me online for 2 whole days accept myself, so I guess 2 months won’t make any difference either. 😉

What a pity about my Squidoo lenses though. Its the holiday season! Which means I should be doing more lenses, not less. Oh well, it can’t be helped. Family comes first, always. Squidoo lenses are hard to write. I need uninterrupted me time to make them. Blogging is much easier. As I have mentioned before, I can write a blog post in 5 minutes so I suppose I could steal some time here and there for my blogs still. 😛

Well, thats my 5 minutes for this post. I’ve got a few things to get out of the way today, some filing to be done etc. The man is so organized that I must drive him crazy being so disorganized so I had better go and organize a few things today to make him happy. Time to go. Oh, but before that, I have another post to write for my Parenting Times blog. Something about being a kiasu parent. Hop over there if you are kiasu. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Slow Down in Blogging

  1. Of course I’ll miss your blog post. Aiya.

    You really blog very fast! I’m surprised that you said your husband is very organised. Mine is opposite and most men I know are quite disorganised. LOL. So you’re lucky. Oh ya and I’ve read your other post..maybe I’m also kiasu??

  2. Sigh…sitting in front of the pc is a luxury to me now. I speed read when I blog hop, blogging is at the bottom of my list now..least prioritized. Wanted to start a squidoo lense like you do, but simply couldn’t squeeze out anymore time. But the good thing is that I don’t get agitated and feeling withdrawn like I would have few years back.

  3. MG, i still owe you my breastfeeding article. So sorry i havent got the time to rewrite my panjang lebar crazy story (they are all in my blog, but it was a long long crazy journey for 2 whole years).

    Anyway, happy holiday to you in advance!

  4. Hello. I too have only just decided to send my daughter to chinese school. She will join in 2013. We however are not chinese. So, to prepare her I am thinking of enrolling her in bao bei wonderland. And since it is 5 x a week I am thinking of not enrolling her in any kindergarten next year and to simply teach her myself. I am worried she would be too caught up in the world of school and classes that we patents tend to push onto our kids. I want her to play and look back at her childhood with lots of fun memories. However I also feel that being able to speak mandarin and the discipline that Chinese schools possess are very helpful in moulding a child. My husband went to Chinese school and knowing the language has opened up so many doors for him personally and career wise. I have told my child that she will rule the world when she grows up, but I have to stop and remind myself that for now she is just a 5 year old child.

    Hello Zeenat, I taught my kids myself. My oldest went to kindy at age 6 much to the horror of everyone, even the neighbourhood grandmas. The second went to kindy at age 5. I think you are doing the right thing in preparing them for Chinese only and teaching yourself at home for the rest. There will be plenty of time later (only too soon – 2013 for you) to be caught up in schools and classes. Mine went to a kindy with some Chinese taught but it was not good enough and my son especially had a hard time understanding Chinese at school because we don’t speak it at home. Anyway, hope you enjoy and treasure the wonderful time with your 5 year old. They grow up so fast and time cannot be turned back or replaced.

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