I haven’t had much time to blog since the kids are home for the holidays. However, I have tried to do some tweaking and maintenance over at Squidoo because it is the holiday season. Can’t afford to be too quiet over at Squidoo during the holiday season and miss out on all the action can I?

I’m having a good time at Squidoo. Yesterday, I received a Giant Squid 50 Level Club Member Trophy. That means I am now a Giant Squid with at least 50 quality lenses. At the same time, my Popular Kids Book Series lens received a Purple Star.

Holiday sales are starting to pick up a little bit too. Yesterday I had 2 sales directly on Squidoo as well as 5 other Squidoo related sales on my own Amazon Affiliate account. Hope to see more sales soon. It was pretty quiet last month.

No time to write more but I’ve got some udpates over at Squidoo which you can read. If you want to check me out at Squidoo, here I am over at Squidoo – My Squidoo Profile. If you want to read more about my Squidoo Journey, you can go here – My Squidoo Log.

  Join me at Squidoo

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