I have not been blogging much lately. I have been busy writing Squidoo Lenses and publishing my books. I find that after blogging for 8 years, I have to move on to other things in order to keep myself motivated. Oh, I won’t close my blogs, that is for sure. Doing other things, gives me more things to blog about!

My latest online venture is starting a CafePress Shop. I have started the shop with a niche for moms who like funny quotes to lighten up their day. I am not a good artist but I am good with words and I love Quotes, that is why I decided to concentrate my shop on Gifts for Mothers with Funny Mom Quotes.

It is easy to do many things online like starting a blog, writing Squidoo lenses, even starting up shop and publishing your own book! However, do not be fooled into thinking that because these things are easy to do, it is easy to make money online. Many of these things do not make money online. It is the process of doing them which is fun and fulfilling.

These days I carry a notebook around with me, to jot down all my thoughts and ideas and writings. If I don’t, I forget them and they are lost. Starting on new things like writing a book and starting a store has made things interesting again, just like the early days of blogging. The good thing is my books and items are print on demand so I don’t have to come up with any money for this hobby. That is a good thing because otherwise I would not have the financing to do any of these things which I love. 🙂 I enjoy doing them even if I don’t sell a single item or book. Isn’t that crazy? I guess that is what they call passion. 🙂

Below is the my facebook page for my second book. Have you liked it yet?

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