Bah Kut Teh

Recently, we went out with dad for a meal. I still remember the day the doctor told us that he may have to go home from hospital and ‘eat’ from a feeding tube for the rest of his life. A feeding tube is inserted into the nostril (or sometimes through an incision in the stomach) and milk is poured into the tube and goes directly into the stomach. You don’t get to taste your food or experience the joy of eating.

To be able to eat is actually a blessing. How many of us take that ability to eat for granted?

I am thankful that now dad can eat normal food. Although he is in a wheelchair now, has a colostomy bag, has to be helped around everywhere, needs someone to bathe him etc, this ability to eat anything (or almost anything) he wants and likes is a blessing.

We had bah kut teh with dad. Though his mind wandered through the meal, as it sometimes does, we are happy, that dad is able to be with us, to smile and laugh and ….. eat.

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