Renewing Maid’s Work Permit At Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Jalan Duta Immigration Office

Two years ago, we renewed our maid’s work permit at Damansara Town Centre. However, in October 2011, the Damansara Town Centre Immigration Dept moved to Jln Duta.

Where we were pleased with the speed in which the maid’s work permit was issued previously in Damansara Town Centre Immigration Office, at Jalan Duta, we were amazed with the even faster issuance of the maid’s work permit. Kudos to the Immigration Department at Jalan Duta.

We went there during the school holidays. We had just taken the kids to Kidzania where they played non stop till the session closed at 3pm. Right after that, we headed to Jalan Duta Immigration Office. Imagine going to a department at 3.30pm to 4pm. It was so late. Surely, we can’t get everything processed within the same day?

Well, we sat there. Hubby queued up for a number. I took the kids to the washroom. When we returned, hubby was queueing up to pay. He was told to go to another counter to collect the passport with the work permit stamp on it. He walked over to the counter and hey presto! the passport was waiting for him. All done, we were able to return home before the after work jam begins. Amazing isn’t it? Amazing but wonderful. Maybe it’s just my lucky day.

Here are the details for anyone who wants to go to the Jln Duta Immigration Office to renew their maid’s work permit.


State Immigration Kuala Lumpur 

Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN),
No.69,Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
50480 Jalan Duta,
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-62012423
Fax: 03-62011191

Office Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Friday) with 12:15 to 2:45pm break on Fridays. 

Payment Required for extension of Maid’s Work Permit: RM495.00 payment in cash (up RM50 from previous two years ago when I did it) *Don’t forget to bring your maids new and old passport!

Photos of the new Immigration Office at Jalan Duta can be found here.

Location Map for the Jalan Duta Immigration Office at Kompleks Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)

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  1. Irene says:

    Hi, was the process so easy? What about documentation? I paid over RM1000 to an agency recently to renew my Cambodian maid’s work permit, and that even for 11 months because her passport is expiring next year.

    Hello Irene, the work permit cannot be extended beyond the passport expiry period. So if your maid’s passport expires next year, your agent will need to renew the passport first BEFORE renewing the maid’s work permit. Renewing the work permit is easy. Renewing the passport is harder and is an all day process. If time is precious to you and you can’t do it yourself, perhaps outsourcing it to MYEG will be a cheaper alternative in future compared to using your agent. Maids beyond 3 years will not need to go through FOMEMA health check, so the only fees I paid was for insurance RM85 for 2 years (which is compulsory for passport renewal these days), RM18 for passport extension (was given 5 years extension even though I paid for 3 years) and RM495 for work permit extension. Total Damage= RM598

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  3. Paul says:

    Wished I had read your website sooner. I just paid RM1,081 to my agency for 3rd year renewal of my Filipina maid. And then I found out (my agency kept mum abt this earlier) that I need to pay a further RM580 to enable my maid to take a holiday break to the Philippines (New Employmt contract – RM250; Holiday letter(what is this?) (RM150) & OWWA Insurance (on top of the local insurance that I had paid for!)(RM180). Is there some way for my maid to go home for a break without me paying, paying, paying more fees! You could email me directly if you prefer. Thanks

    Oh wow, that’s a lot of money. Sorry, my maid is from Indonesia so I only know the procedure for that but I can imagine it can’t be that much different. The ‘holiday letter’ is just a letter stating that your maid is going for a holiday, enclosing your details and contact numbers and the return flight details, that is all. Anyone can draft it. RM150 for it is ridiculous imo.

  4. may says:

    Hi,really help ful ur details info! i will go next week for my indo passport(after the raya public holiday)

    Hello May, I noticed you have been using the term immigration/passport interchangeably. Don’t forget that you have to renew your maid’s passport at the Indonesian Embassy first (if she is Indonesian), then the next step is to proceed to Immigration office to renew the work permit. In short, 3 steps:

    1. Buy Insurance (you will need this to renew passport at Embassy)
    2. Renew Passport at Embassy
    3. Renew Work Permit at Immigration Dept.

  5. may says:

    any copies need to bring there?photocopy copy passport need to bring?

    For work permit renewal at the Immigration, bring along original passport, photocopy and money of course. You don’t have to bring the maid along.

  6. may says:

    sorry,my means is need bring any copt to immigration?I WISH TO GO THERE tomolo morning,but not so familiar there,if i come from ampang,which is the easy way for me?
    Ya,thanks for ur info wish i went to renew passport this morning,6.30 until 11 a.m then can get the passport!thanks ur help

  7. may says:

    WISH TO GO immigration tomolo morning,but not so familiar there,if i come from ampang,which is the easy way for me?
    Ya,thanks for ur info wish i went to renew passport this morning,6.30 until 11 a.m then can get the passport!thanks ur help

    I’m sorry, May, I’m not very familiar with the directions

  8. Zarina says:

    I am staying in puchong. Can i renew my cambodian visa for 2nd year in putrajaya immigration besides jalan duta branch. What do i need to bring along? Any advise please.

    Hello Zarina, my experience was with renewing my Indonesian maid’s work permit only. Sorry, I am not able to help. Why not call up the putrajaya or jalan duta office to ask? They are quite helpful and will provide you with the information you need.

  9. mike ngoh says:

    can any help ? does the maid required photo for renewal on of the work permit/visa by malaysia immigration ?

    No, the photo is not required for renewal of work permit.

  10. pushpa says:

    I am staying in subang jaya. I want to renew my indonesian maid’s visa for the fourth year in malaysia at the shah alam office or any nearby office. What are procedures involved? Is PA insurance compulsory? Thanks

    Hello pushpa, if your maid’s passport is up to date, then all you need to do is to renew the visa, that is all. PA Insurance is compulsory for renewing passport and not for renewing visa.

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