I like to Pin on Pininterest and I like following Pins. Pininterest is a site where you can share all the beautiful things you find on the web through your own Pinboards. They say a picture speaks a volumes and that is exactly how Pininterest works, sharing of websites through pictures.

Funnily, I find that most pininterest users are female and what is shared the most of all are recipes, crafts, clothing and accessories as well as quotes. For example if someone shares a picture of a piece of mouth watering chocolate cake, most likely clicking on that picture will bring up the recipe for that piece of chocolate cake.

I pin most of the images on my Squidoo lenses as well as some on my blog because I find that it really helps in the traffic. Even old blog posts can have a surge of traffic if you share one of the images from that old blog post.

Since I am a very active Pininterest user, I find that having two things really helps in my finding and pinning sites.

  1. To have a pin it button on all of my sites. That helps me to pin the images and helps others pin it too if they like it.
  2. To install a pin it button on my bookmarks bar. (only for Google Chrome Users). I find this excellent in pinning images.

If you have a blog and are a heavy pininterest user, I recommend you to do both. You can find the pin it buttons for your website and your Google Chrome Browser here. To have the pin it button on your browser, all you have to do is drag the button to your bookmarks bar. Once that is done, whenever you visit a website or url, all you have to do is click on the pin it button on your bookmarks bar and you can easily pick from a whole range of all the images from that url. You do not have to search for the images one by one, they are all presented in a page. It is really easy, much easier than clicking “add it” and then scrolling through the images one by one. I recommend it.

Are you on pininterest too? If you are, leave me your pininterest profile or username in the comments and I will follow you. 🙂

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