When does one go through mid life crisis? What age is mid life anyway? I flew over 20 without realizing it, rode over 30, walked over 40 and now dare I say it, I’m approaching 50. 50! Well, okay its still 3 years away but then, 50! That’s half a century old.

I don’t feel that old actually. However, the body sometimes creaks a little. I feel it when I lug my kids heavy school bags around. They have two each and both are equally heavy. I have to lug these up and down the stairs and I feel it. I think that is one reason why one should get married and have children early. Lugging heavy schoolbags at close to 50 is not a good activity to engage in.

Then there are those little nails that need to be cut. You need sharp eyes for that, not ageing almost 50 year old eyes.

Also, recently, I’ve been feeling pain in my ankles sometimes when I wear high heels. Is that stopping me from wearing heels? Strangely, no. Usually I wear very low heels as they are easy to run around in. You don’t need high heels for chasing kids around or for buying groceries do you. However, the more my ankles creak, the more I want to wear higher and ¬†higher heels. I’m thinking that I should wear all those pretty shoes out there before I can’t and can only gaze longingly and wish I did when I could.

So, I’m going to get more high heels to sit around in. No, those shoes aren’t made to walk in. They’re for sitting around in. I wonder how those ladies do it. They look so confident and graceful swishing and swaying around in their super high heels. Looking at them, you would never guess that they are squirming in pain from the heels and yes, they do hurt, the ankles, the toes, the heels, everywhere.

This new love for high heels. Is this a sign of mid life crisis? I wonder…

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