The other day someone gave me a Maggi Magic Meals. I was rather sceptical about cooking my meal in a bag but since it had been given to me, I didn’t want to waste it, so I tried it out. Let’s have a look at it.

This was what I received. A Maggi Magic Meal Pack. A meal that cooks in a bag within the rice cooker. I must say, I feel funny cooking that way, by putting a whole plastic bag of chicken into my rice cooker and allowing it to cook together with my rice.

Maggi Cook In The Bag

Let’s open up the Magic Meals packet and have a look at what’s inside. I got the Maggi Magic Meal Fragrant Soy Sauce Chicken Variant. This type of cooking in a bag by Maggi is supposed to be the first in Malaysia.

Maggi Magic Meals Fragrant Spiced Soy Chicken

There are two packets inside. The plastic bag and the sauce ingredients. At first I thought the plastic bag was the bigger bag so when I tore it rather carelessly, some of the powder fell out. The plastic bag is actually the smaller pack. It comes with a lock to seal up the bag. I made a mistake at first and sealed it up with that little red tape you see that seals up the folded plastic bag!

Maggi Cook In The Rice Cooker

Here are my ingredients or what I am supposed to put in my Maggi Magic Meal. They are chicken cut into bite sized pieces and big red onions. That is it. I do not have to add oil, nor do I have to season the chicken with salt or anything else.

Ingredients Chicken

The chicken goes into the bag with the sauce powder and some water and right into the rice cooker where  you cook your rice as you usually do. You massage the bag a little bit to mix the chicken with the sauce a little bit before placing it in the rice cooker.

Chicken In Rice Cooker

I am supposed to cook the chicken for 45 minutes. I also received this little Maggi Magic Meals Timer from my friend. (no, not the sponsors) This post is not sponsored. My rice usually cooks in 20-25 minutes so I am supposed to leave the chicken in there in “keep warm” position till at least 45 minutes to ensure the chicken is fully cooked.

Maggi Magic Meals Timer

Forty Five minutes later, my rice and my Maggi Magic Meal chicken is cooked.

Maggi Cook In The Bag Chicken

I cut the plastic and pour the chicken onto a plate to serve.

Soya Sauce Chicken With Onions Maggi Magic Meals

I served my Maggi Magic Meal Chicken with an omelette and plain fried celery with garlic. That makes a complete meal.

Maggi Magic Meals Dinner

At the back of the packet, I learned that there are other Maggi Magic Meals variants. They are aromatic Chicken Curry and Savoury Tomato Chicken.

Maggi Magic Meals Variants

According to the packet the plastic bag is safe to cook in. No matter how safe, I still feel strange cooking in a plastic bag. Cooking was extremely convenient, no oils, no spills, no cleaning up, no extra plates and cooking ware to wash up afterwards. The taste was also good and I didn’t have the thirsty aftertaste that usually comes with too much MSG in convenient meals.

I suppose this would be useful for busy mothers, novice cooks, students etc.

I might still be tempted to try the other variants because of the convenience and time saving factors but still, cooking in a plastic bag!…… I don’t know….. What about you?

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