The termites that destroyed the parquet floor in my house have made themselves real comfy and moved upstairs. So, we called in the pest control fellows and asked them for an evaluation. According to the men, there are two ways to destroy the termites. The first way to kill the termites is to pump termite poison in the vicinity. Since we live in a terrace house, that will mean drilling about 100 holes along both sides of our walls from front to back. Yikes!

The next method is to set up termite baits. This is considered a more passive approach. After setting up the termite bait, you wait for the termites to take the bait back to the queen and in that manner you will get to kill the queen and therefore the whole colony. However, this will take a lot of time and monitoring by the pest control company.

So, we decided to set up our own termite baiting system. Hopefully the termite takes the bait. A diy termite baiting system can easily be bought online at a fraction of the cost but what is more important to us is, it is less intrusive. We hate the thought of the number of appointments and visits we would have to deal with to monitor the termite baits if we used professional help.

Of course we are no experts, so it may not work. Here are the steps on how we set up our own diy termite baits.

1. We found termite tracks!

Termite Tracks

2. We bought our own DIY termite baits online. It arrived the next day. 🙂

Termite Baits

3. Here’s how the termite bait looks like from inside the cardboard box. You are supposed to add about 5ml of water. I used the kid’s medicine cup to measure the water.

Inside The Termite Baiting Box

4. The box comes with self adhesive tapes. Here is one which we stuck on the inside of my kitchen cabinet. Termite Baits

5. Here is the termite baiting box we set up on the ceiling. We added extra tape to make sure it does not fall off.

DIY Termite Bait

6. After a few days, termite tracks can be seen outside the termite baiting box. I hope that means the termites are taking the bait.

Termite tracks outside termite bait box

7. We added another box to give more bait to the termites.

Termite baiting traps

We are supposed to check on the baits after 3 weeks. I really hope it works. I checked the one in the kitchen cabinet after a week and it is empty of termites. That means the termites are not taking the bait there. This is probably because I had sprayed so much termite poison in there previously. It managed to kill the termites there but they merely moved on to another part of my house. I hope the termite bait will kill off the colony this time. I can’t wait to check on the baits.


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