Cloud Seeding

When you have kids, you have to be prepared to answer their questions all the time. One questions often leads to another. Thank goodness there is the internet, so I can pretend to be a smart, informed mom.

Due to the recent bad air quality, I had to explain to the kids all about the haze. This of course led to me being bombarded by all sorts of questions about the haze and the weather.

Here are some of my kid’s FAQs about the haze.

1. How Is Cloud Seeding Done?

Simple Answer For Kids: An aeroplane drops salt or dry ice over the clouds, then water droplets in the clouds mix with the salt to form rain. Source of answer: Here and here.

2. What is Dry Ice?

Simple Answer For Kids: It Is Solid Carbon Dioxide

3. What Is Carbon Dioxide?

Simple Answer For Kids: It is a type of gas

Apart from this we also talked about the hailstorm in Singapore which led to a discussion about hailstorms, what they are and  how hail is formed.

Being a mom means you are learning all the time. In order to answer these questions from the kids, mommy has to find out the answers first. 😛


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