Happy Days Cake

Recently we had a family gathering. Family gatherings are getting fewer and further in between now that everyone is older and busy with their own families.

So this family gathering was a gathering for a belated Mother’s Day, belated Father’s Day, belated June birthdays and early July birthdays. In the end, big bro got a cake and called it “Happy Days”.

My nephews and nieces are so grown now aged between 16 to 26. There is a gap between their ages and those of my kids because of the gap between my age and my bros and sis plus the fact that I am a late baby boomer, marrying late and starting a family late. Makes one feel old to see all the kids grown up now.

In fact, I just turned 47 last month. The funny thing about birthdays is you stop remembering how old you are after 25-30. Before that you look forward to your 16th birthday, your 21st etc. However after that, I stopped remembering. In fact, this year I thought I was turning 48. It wasn’t till I received an sms from big sis in the morning saying “Hello little sis. Happy Birthday. So you are turning 47 today.” It was only then that I realised my mistake or the whole day would have gone by with me thinking otherwise and I would have gotten 48 candles for my cake. 😛

Happy Birthday Cake

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