Peplum Style

Image Credit: Peplum Style Tops At Zalora

Recently, I went shopping with my sisters and we were attracted to the peplum styles we saw. I tried on a black peplum top with a matching black skirt. Black is the only colour I dare to try on for the peplum style with my wide hips, good for child bearing they say but harder to find clothing that flatter. I was surprised that despite the wide hips, the style was quite flattering.

I wonder if I will be able to pull off a coloured peplum blouse like the above. ¬†Of course, I won’t be able to match it with the shorts like in the above picture, not with my thunder thighs but the top just might work.

I saw the top at Zalora. In case you didn’t know, Zalora Malaysia is a great online shopping destination. I’m just drooling to see the number of clothing, shoes and other apparel for both men and women at Zalora.

Should I? Shouldn’t I? Oh, I’m just so tempted. They say that a peplum top should be those with an apple body shape but I’m a pear shape. However, I shan’t despair. I am sure I will be able to find a peplum top for my shape. The trick is to find the correct position for the ruffled waistline, the length of the frill or ruffle area and what to pair it with. The colour and cut is important too. Structured cut is better than a messily cut peplum top for the heavy bottom gal like me. I like to pair peplum tops with a pencil line skirt. I think they look so elegant. Online shopping here I come!

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