One of the best things to do on a Sunday morning is to have a lazy late brunch of dim sum.

Dim sum is the best fast food there is. Meals on wheels. Rolled right up to your table for you to choose. Steamed or Fried it is up to you.

That was what we did last Sunday. We had Dim Sum in PJ.

Sim Sum In PJ

 We had our dim sum rolled right up to us. I love to look at all those lovely little delicacies in steaming in their bamboo baskets. Just one look is enough to get my mouth watering.

I’m afraid sometimes, it makes us order more than we can take. Our stomachs can’t take in the feast our eyes tells us to enjoy.

Dim Sum In PJ

 I’m afraid that I also can’t resist the trolley full of deep fried or baked dim sum. Something tells me we will be going there again soon.

Dim Sum In PJ

We had our dim sum in PJ at Yuan Garden Dim Sum House @SS2 PJ. To read more about it check out this Food Blogger. Where and What To Eat Lah.

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