Color Themed Christmas Decoration Ideas

ingle, Dual, Triple or Multi-Colored Christmas Decorations? Which Will it Be? How do you combine colors? Which Color Works Best together? Check out the tips on this page.

Decorating according to a color theme makes things simple and easy. All you have to do is pick a color you like, then you can go crazy buying all sorts of items to fit your favorite color theme and tadaa…. you have a nice coordinated look.

Color themed decorations make your Christmas Decor look like its done up by a pro. It is easy. The only hard part is….. it can be hard to make up your mind on the color! There are so many lovely shades to choose from!

Traditional red, green and white seems nice, so is gold and silver but blue looks good too. Oh and purple and pink looks like they are made to go together. Hmm…. Maybe it is best to go colorful instead. This lens include some color tips to help you decide on the color theme for your Christmas Decorations.

Which Color Works Best together?

Single, Dual, Triple or Multi-Colored Christmas Decorations? Which Will it Be? How do you combine colors? Check out the tips on this page.

Finding Color Combinations that Work for your Christmas Decorations

Decorating your home or Decorating a Christmas tree for the holidays is a little bit like designing your home. You can select one color and use different shades of that one color. That will work very nicely.

You can also go for a dual or triple color scheme. However, if you do that, how do you know what color lights work best for your blue, white and silver decor and whether purple and yellow will go together etc. In fact, many people are confused by various color combinations and whether they will look good together.

Within a few days of putting up this lens, there were many searches coming in for help with color combinations for Christmas Decorations which prompted me to update it with some help in this area.

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Here are my simple tips to combine your Christmas Decorations Color Combinations

1. When going for One color combination, choose various shades of that one color. That will work very nicely to create an interesting look so that it won’t look boring.

2. When choosing two or more colors, what will work best is sticking to colors that complement each other. Warm colors together and Cool Colors together. Look at the color wheel. Warm colors are colors that make you feel warm all over. They are the colors of day and the sunshine and summer. Colors like yellow, orange, red and white goes very well together. Cool colors are colors of winter and the night. Colors like blue and green are cool and go together.

3. Choose colors that are beside each other in the color wheel. Colors like pink and purple go together. Yellow and Orange, Dark Blue and Magenta.

4. White goes with anything. Gold goes with silver. Think about it. Gold is warm and so it goes with the warm colors of orange and yellow. Silver is cool and goes well with blue and purple.

5. If you want to be even more adventurous, you can combine opposing colors on the color wheel. This will have a unique look. However, you must choose your colors carefully. If you are not sure how to, click on the color wheel. It will lead you to a site that has a color combination tool. This color tool is often used for website designers to choose the colors for their website but you can use it for your Christmas Decoration Color Scheme too. On the site, just click on your main color scheme, and you will be shown the matching colors.

6. What about Christmas lights? The same color principles applies. Just pick matching or opposing colors. Silver or White Lights for Cool Colored Decorations and Yellow or Gold Lights for Warm Colors to enhance those colors even more. If you are using multi-colored lights, try not to use multi-colored decorations. Multi-colored lights will look nice on just one or two colored Christmas Decorations.

7. When using one color, try to go for a combination of material, glossy glitter and shine or matt and rough to create interest and depth.

Thats it! I hope you have a good time decorating your homes for Christmas.

Single Color Themed Christmas Decorations

You don’t have to be a pro to come up with a coordinated look for your home by using single color themed Christmas Decorations

Purple Christmas Decorations

Purple is the Color of Passion

This Christmas why not go Purple. Purple is the color of passion. Purple is a rich color. It will be a nice unifying theme for your Christmas decorations.

Purple goes well with pink. Complete your purple and pink Christmas decor with silver lights.

Gold Christmas Decorations

Everything that Glitters is Gold

Gold is not only for the rich. This Christmas you can get the Midas touch of Gold by including a Gold theme in all of your Christmas Decorations. It will give your home a magical glitter and shine.

Gold is a warm color and really brings out a tree. You can match gold with any color theme. Use gold as a tree topper and golden lights for that warm and cozy feel.

There are many different shades of gold too. I love Champagne Gold. Gold ribbons make the perfect wrap and add a beautiful final touch to any tree.

Blue Christmas Decorations

Blue is the color of peace and tranquility

Blue is the color of the skies and the ocean. Blue signifies peace and tranquility. What better way to decorate a room for Christmas then with Blue?

Blue goes very well with silver and white or you could go for blue and green to give it a cool marine look and feel.

You can go for dual color combinations in your color themed Christmas decorations

Green and Red, Gold and Silver, Pink and Purple

Pink Christmas Decorations

Pink is the color of universal love

Pink is the color of flowers. Pink is a quiet color. Pink is for love. Fill your home with love this Christmas with the clever use of the color pink.


I like pink and gold or pink and silver or pink and pearl. Pearly white or off white colors go very well with powder pink. Create interest with dashes of gasp.. green. Yes, they will go together but be careful in selecting just the right shade of pink and green. Use the color wheel to help you.

Red Christmas Decorations

The Traditional Christmas Color Red is also dynamic, rich, strong and intense

You can really make red go for you. With the clever use of red, you will create not only a traditional look and atmosphere, it will also be vibrant and exciting.

You can’t go wrong with the traditional colors of red, green and white or gold. I never get bored looking at those colors and they remind me of Christmas right away!

Silver Christmas Decorations

Silver is Shiny and Cool

Silver snowflakes and silver stars and fairies add an extra cool touch to your Christmas trees. Why not make Silver the color theme and put cool touches all over your home this Christmas?

Silver goes with anything because of its clear, glassy look. However, I think they work best with cool colors on the color wheel.

Silver icicles are lovely and work with anything.

Triple Colors in a Color Themed Christmas Decoration is great too

White, Red and Green or Yellow, White and Orange etc

Yellow Christmas Decorations

Yellow is the Color of Sunshine

Invite the color of warm sunshine into your home this Christmas by decorating with a yellow Christmas theme.

Yellow is almost like gold but not quite. Gold can be a bit loud. You can combine pastel yellow with white or a rich yellow orange with browns.

Green Christmas Decorations

Green is the color or nature and life

 Green is yet another traditional Christmas color especially if combined with red. If you want to make your green theme Christmas Decoration stand out, go for a white Christmas tree instead of green.Green goes well with brown for a back to nature look. Go Green this Christmas with lots of green decoration around the house. Many people avoid using green because of the green leaves on the Christmas tree but you can choose different shades of green like lime green or pastel green instead of the darker shade or leaf green.

White Christmas Decorations

White is the color of purity and innocence

White is pure, clean and innocent. White is also the color of winter. Just perfect as a color theme for Christmas.

Everyone needs a little bit of white snowflakes to get in the mood for Christmas and the holidays.

A white Christmas tree is magical when lit!

Orange Christmas Decorations

Orange is a vibrant and powerful color

Orange is a warm color. As orange is a combination between red and yellow. It has the power of red and the warmth of yellow combined. A color coordinated orange theme Christmas will give your home both these atttibutes of vibrant warmness feel.

Burnt orange can be combined with brown or green. Orange can also be combined with yellows or reds because they all belong to the warm color family.

Brown Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

Want to be different? Go back to nature. Choose brown themes as your Christmas decoration. Make it stand out with different finishing, matte, shining, glitter or sparkle.

Mocha or Chocolate Brown goes well with kiwi greens. You can also match browns with gold to give it a really rich look.

Can’t decide what color theme to use?

Why not go colorful. A few dashes of color here and there makes your Christmas Decoration more interesting

MultiColor Christmas Decorations

If you can’t decide what color to use for your Christmas decorations, you can go colorful

Multiple colors add fun and variety to your Christmas decorations but remember not to overdo it. Little dashes of color here and there are good but try to keep it from being overwhelming.

If all else fails, go for multi-color decorations. However, if you pick multi-color ornaments for your tree, try to go for single colored lights and if you choose multi-colored lights, try to go easy on the number of colors your use in your decorations.

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