There were two public holidays last week. We took the opportunity to do some Chinese New Year shopping then. Chinese New Year shopping is a big thing for us. We make it a point to shop only once a year for Chinese New Year whenever possible instead of all year round to make the event more exciting for the kids. This is part of our build up towards Chinese New Year for them so that they will look forward to the same tradition year after year.

We took to the stores first thing in the morning before the mad dash comes in. It is no fun to shop with two young kids in a huge crowd. You also waste a lot of time waiting to try on outfits and waiting to pay for them. It was still a mad dash though since there were four of us to shop for. In and out of outfits we went as we hurried from fitting room to fitting room. Phew! Fortunately, we only do this once a year.

I prefer to browse slowly but I never have the chance to when we shop like that especially not when shopping with the kids in tow and that organized husband of mine. “Come on. Hurry up!” he’d go after every few steps. That is why, I sometimes secretly (shh) shop online with online shops like Zalora.

I didn’t know that Zalora had such a lovely Chinese New Year collection. I am on their email mailing list since I have shopped there before. The last time I looked there were lots of lovely kebayas and baju kurungs so I thought they were specialized in that area. However recently I received their Chinese New Year collection in my email. The collection is huge and lovely. Now I can have some fun shopping and browsing slowly on my own. I have no problems with sizing because I know my size well. So, after rushing with the man and the kids, now I can slowly take my time browsing and let my fingers do the shopping. 🙂


After writing this post, I couldn’t resist but to continue browsing online at Zalora.  I let my fingers do the shopping and after a few clicks my order went through. No stress or hassle. No need to pay for parking or queue up in fitting room or cashier counter.

The very next morning, I received the items I ordered from Zalora. How exciting!

There was a Thank You note inside plus a stack of Angpow packet. A very nice touch indeed.

I ordered a blouse from the EZRA collection, shoes from Marie Claire and Earrings from Fox’s. The choices are enormous. So many brands and for all kinds of budgets and tastes.

There were so many shoes to select from, I couldn’t make up my mind! I love the very high heels but in the end practicality took over and I went for something not so high.

The shoes were so nicely wrapped up. Even much nicer than when I buy them at a store.

Tadaa! Here is my very own Chinese New Year collection. I love it and I love shopping at Zalora. 🙂

Image Credit: From Zalora’s Chinese New Year Collection



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