How To Take A Beautiful Selfie

These days almost everyone likes to take selfies. Walk by any beautiful scene, shopping center decoration, restaurant, park etc and you will see someone engaging in this activity. In fact, in November 2013, the word “selfie” was announced as being the “word of the year” by the Oxford English Dictionary. 

Like anything that you find online, don’t believe everything that you read online. Don’t believe everything you see online too as I’ve discovered. Selfies can be instantly “photoshopped” with a click these days with the increasing number of photo editing apps available. Some of them are really amazing too.

Forget about checking out articles on how to take the best selfie, the best poses, best make-up etc, all you need to do is to download one of these apps on your iPhone, iPad or Android devices to take the most beautiful and flattering photo of yourself to share with your friends.

Here are some selfie photo apps to turn your selfies into the beautiful images that you see and so envy.

1. BeautyPlus available for both iphone and android phones instantly gives you flawless skin and shiny hair plus brighter eyes at the click of your camera. I love how this camera removes my pores with one click. This simple no frills app is perfect for the lazy ones like me who wants to do everything with just one click with little customization required. However, you can customize it further if you want, Slimmer face? You’ve got it at a drag of a finger. Bigger eyes? No problem. Lots of filters and fun brushes for you to enhance your portrait are all available with one click before you save and share it on social media.

What is different or good about this selfie photo app: Simple and easy to use with nice results for a flawless look.

BeautyPlus Photo Editor App

BeautyPlus for iOS on Apple iTunes Store

BeautyPlus for Android on Google Play Store


2. PhotoWonder basically does the same thing as the above but it takes it one step further. Want bigger boobs? You can even customize that too! You can “thinify” yourself then beautify your look by adding make-up for longer lashes and bigger eyes. Then add decorations, effects and pick a frame for your perfect selfie. The stickers, brushes and speech bubbles are fun. Lots of filter choices are available categorized into portrait, classic, scene and art category. You can even turn yourself into a sketch if you prefer. You can customize by sliding along a bar till you get the look you want whether it is larger eyes, fixing blemishes or removing dark rims under your eyes. Fortunately, one click is available for lazy people like me.

What is different or good about this selfie photo app: Extras in the form of effects, decorations and frames.

PhotoWonder Photo Editor App

PhotoWonder for iOS on Apple iTunes Store

PhotoWonder for Android on Google Play Store


3. MeituPic  “Meitu” simply means “beautiful picture” in Chinese and that is what you get.  You can slide your finger to whiten or tone your face to a flawless complexion just like what you would see in a magazine. Lots of excellent filters for your good selfies here.  Cropping and blurring is possible and you can have lots of fun with magical effects by adding sparkles, dazzlers and more. You can even take beautiful pictures of your food because aside from the portrait function you can enhance the look of your food, objects or scene. The desmog feature allows you to turn smoggy skies into clear blue ones. I think I will need that one right now.

What is different or good about this selfie photo app: Includes enhancement for food, scenery and objects photos which is not available in other portrait enhancement apps.

MeituPic Photo Editor App

MeituPic for iOS on Apple iTunes Store

MeituPic for Android on Google Play Store

I would pick BeautyPlus for its simplicity and wonderful results and MeituPic for being the most comprehensive.

When fixing photos, I personally prefer to smoothen my complexion and add effects for fun and that is it. Somehow, thinning my face and making my eyes bigger seem a little bit much, sort of  like doing digital plastic surgery but that’s just me.

Well, that’s all. No need for a lengthy review or article on how to take a good selfie. Just go and download one or all of these apps and try it for yourself. Then start snapping away and be amazed at your new lovely selfies! They are all available for both iOS and android devices. Enjoy!

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