Where To Get Halloween Countdown Clocks For Your BlogI was looking all over online for Halloween Countdown Clocks to put on my blogs. Finally I found one which I really like.  It is from Countdown Clocks dot com.

I like the fact that you can customize the countdown clock according to your liking. There are a few images you can choose from. I usually like those cute cartoon or clipart type not the scary kind since they are for my parenting blog.

You can further customize it by choosing the color, typing your own words and finally adding in the dates.  After you’re done, all you need to do is to copy the code and paste it in your blog post or sidebar whichever you prefer.

Apart from Halloween, you can get other Countdown clocks from this site including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter or more personal dates like weddings, birthdays, pregnancy and graduation. Looks like I’m going to be bookmarking this one.

So here it is, my countdown clock for this Halloween 2015. Do you like it?


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