How To Change The Template, Background And Header For Blogger Blog

How To Give Your Blogger Blog A Makeover

How To Give Your Blogger Blog A Makeover

Today I gave my Blogger blog a makeover. I changed the template, background and header for my Blogger blog. This was how I did it. Firstly, this was how my blog looked liked before the makeover. Screenshot of Parenting Times (Purple) I got bored with purple and wanted to give it a more minimalist look. I was using the Blogger “Travel” Template. I switched to the Blogger “Simple” Template. Then I changed the background. I used the background by latex which I found under the “transparent” category for Blogger’s Background Image list. You can find many free background images provided by Blogger. I also played around with the colors of the fonts for links and headings etc. You can read how to change the Background from Google support on Blogger Template Designer.

After changing the background, my blog looked too plain so I headed over here to look for a new free header for my blog. I found my Free Blogger Header from Vintage Made For You. There are many free Blogger backgrounds and headers to choose from there. There are also tutorials to help you. I used the tutorial on How To Adjust The Width Of Your Blogger Blog to help me adjust the header so it sits in the middle.

Then I headed to Pic Monkey (an excellent online photo editor) to add in my blog Title, tagline (which I created) and description so this frees up some space on the top of my blog. This is How To Add A Header Image To Your Blogger Blog. To my horror, I found that my pinterest and Facebook Like button had disappeared after the changes I made because I customized my template previously by changing the html code to add in those buttons. Nevermind, I shall improve on it.

So I headed over here to learn How To Create A Floating Vertical Share Button For Blogger. The instructions are really easy to follow. I had to adjust the positioning a little bit. I also added my pinterest button code in there. All I had to do was generate my own Pinterest button, then copy and paste it over a button I didn’t want. The instructions to replace have all been provided.

Head over here to Generate Your Pin It Button. I replaced the button with the pinterest button by copying and pasting two codes in there one after another. One for “any image” and another for “Image Hover”. The “Any Image” one allows a reader to hit the Pin It button and choose to pin any image they like while the “Image Hover” one allows the reader to see a Pin It Button on any image they happen to hover over. That makes it a lot easier for your readers to pin.

You can head over to my Parenting Times blog to test it out for yourself. Finally, this is how my blog looks like after the changes. Parenting Times Screenshot (White) Updated: I didn’t like how serious the blog looked after the changes. My blogger blog is a parenting blog filled with crafts and printables for kids so I wanted it to reflect that so off I went searching again for a nice new blog header. I finally found my new free blog header for Blogger at Blog Designs by Dani. As before I used Pic Monkey to add in my blog title and tagline. I also had to adjust the Blogger header size to 900×470 pixels in order to fit in just right. However you do not have to do that. All you need to do is go to Blogger Template Designer and adjust width by dragging the size to the right fit. Refer to the How To Adjust The Width Of Your Blogger Blog link above.

After some tweaking with the colors of my links, headings, tabs etc to match the new heading in the advanced editing mode in Blogger Customize Template (Go to Template-Customize-Advance to do that) finally, here is my newest look. The best part of doing these things yourself is it is free and you can change at your own whim and fancy whenever you like.

Screenshot Of Blogger Blog After Changing Background And Heading

Screenshot Of Blogger Blog After Changing Background And Heading

However, there was something wrong with my header. It appeared to be slightly different color then the one I wanted. It appears to be greyed out instead of white. Finally, I saved my header image again into a png file instead of jpg and that did it. The colors were right at last and I love my new blog look. Even better, was the feeling of having done it all by myself without a designer. Yay!

Header Image With The Right Colors When Saved As Png File Instead Of Jpg

Header Image With The Right Colors When Saved As Png File Instead Of Jpg

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