Have you got a handyman dad? The kind who likes to DIY everything himself? I don’t have a handyman dad. My mom died when I was 10 and dad had me and 4 other siblings to look after in addition to making sure we had a roof over our heads. So, though I think my dad would probably have enjoyed being a handyman around the house, sadly, he didn’t have the time to.

My husband is different. He is the typical handyman around the house. He is a father to our two kids. I have him in mind when writing this lens.

I’m rather afraid of going shopping with him in a handy mart or anywhere where there is a hardware store. He would spend hours admiring the tools! A handyman father like him would love the handyman gifts in this lens and so will yours.

First, Your Handyman Father Will Need A Book – How Your House Works

Here’s a book for the handyman father who loves to spend hours working on his house. The handyman father seldom calls in a plumber or electrician, or carpenter to fix his house. Why should he? He can fix everything himself! However, it would be good if you could give your handyman father a book on How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding & Maintaining Your Home to refer to before he fixes anything.

This way, what he repairs won’t need fixing afterwards since he will have a handyman manual as a reference. Psssst.. quite often my handyman husband will try to fix something, and then after hours or days of fixing, we eventually have to call someone in to fix his repairs! So a manual or a book for handyman father is definitely a good gift idea for Father’s Day.

How a House Works (Family Handyman) a book by Reader’s Digest authored by Duane Johnson talks about everything you need to know about how your house functions including frames and structures, electricity and lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling and more. Just right for the handyman father.


Next, Your Handyman Father Will Need A Comprehensive Toolbox Kit

A Toolbox Kit especially a comprehensive one filled with all manner of tools, bolts and nuts is the next best thing a handyman father would love. Take for example this Apollo Precision Tools DT6803 297 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit in Three Drawer Steel Tool Box. It has 297 pieces of sockets, wrenches, pliers and more needed for general repair around the house. It even has 3 drawers to keep those 297 pieces of tools!

Why, giving a handyman father a comprehensive toolbox kit like this is like giving a woman a cupboard full of shoes! 😉


More Gifts For The Handyman Father For Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers!

Here are some other Father’s Day Gift Ideas For The Handyman Dad. Take your pick from funny customized handyman certificate for dad to handyman snacks gift baskets or a handyman tool belt or high performance and cordless power drills.

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