shoe charmI am mad about shoes. I remember those days when I was working in the city next to a shopping mall, sometimes I would return to the office after lunch with not one but several boxes of new shoes. If you are a shoe lover, you will know that the best time to buy shoes are during sales. Then you can keep them for later use.

I have stopped buying as many shoes since I stopped working but I still like to gawk at them. I especially love high heels but these days I limit wearing high heels to those times when I know I will be sitting down a lot, like at a dinner or at the cinema. I don’t know how those girls who wear extremely high heels do it without grimacing in pain. I would be hobbling along after a few minutes.

To all shoe lovers, I wish to share with you that currently Lazada is having a shoe sales running from 18th May to 1st June 2015. I saw some shoes going from as low as 80%. Even the shoe charm necklace is having a discount. I love charms too but then that is another story for another post..

Lazada Malaysia

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