I am a geek who loves gadgets and funny toys. That is why I spend a lot of time searching for just the right one. I love having gadgets around me. The more unique it is the happier I am. That is why I love this 3D Lego Jigsaw Puzzle Perpetual Calendar . You get to tear it apart and build it again each month. The fact that it is also a usb hub is a bonus. This makes it a truly awesome gift for a geek.

It’s environmental friendly too. No paper is wasted printing this calendar. Paper calendars last only for a year but you can reuse this Lego calendar year after year. That is truly awesome. This fun perpetual calendar for geeks is excellent as a gift for the geek in your life. Teenagers, guys who love gadgets or even a woman geek like me.

I love the little icons that come with it too. Icons that depict sunny days or rainy days, a happy occasion in the form of a birthday cake or the little barbells to remind the geek to exercise and not just sit behind their desks. This one should be a good gift for a geek for birthdays, Christmas and all year round. You don’t have to give this calendar only at the year end of at the beginning of the year since this DIY Lego calendar has no expiry date. It lasts a lifetime.

Besides this usb calendar, there are several other styles you can choose from. I like the more feminine Lego Friends Brick Calendar. They are not only for little girls. Even big girls like sweet stuff like that.

This DIY Puzzle calendar comes with instructions on several ways to build it but the challenge is how you can build it using your own style and still get it to show the correct days and weeks for each month.


Here are more fun DIY lego building block perpetual calendars for geeky boys, girls, men or women. There is something for every age. The generic table calendar is more suitable if you prefer something that does not look too childish. However, as a woman of almost 50, I can tell you that ‘childish’ is subjective. I wouldn’t mind having the Lego Friends calendar as a gift compared to the generic table calendar. I like the mini trees and garden gate that comes with it. It reminds me of my childhood days and all the fun I had playing with building blocks. Building blocks give everlasting fun and joy, just like these Lego brick calendars.

Here is a video showing you how to build a Lego Friends Brick Calendar. This calendar is not just a good gift for a young girl, it also makes a great gift for a geek teenage girl or a surprisingly unique gift for a geek and proud of it woman.

I love how this calendar is environmental friendly and lasts forever.

The Lego Brick Calendar comes with two figurines. You can rebuild this perpetual calendar every month using the 31 number bricks, 7 days and 12 months building blocks.

DIY Lego Building Block Calendars Are Everlasting. They are unique and fun for everyone.

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