Kids Rooms can easily be organized by using some of the kids room organizers and storage solutions in this hub. Get rid of the clutter in children’s rooms with these cute boxes, shelves and bins.

Kids Room Organizers And Storage Solutions

I am not a very organized person so what helps me get rid of clutter are storage boxes, organizers and bins. This is especially important for my kids’ playroom and bedroom. Having the right storage bins, shelves and boxes helps me keep AND find their growing collection of toys and books. I firmly believe that having a place for everything and keeping everything it its place is the magic trick for getting rid of clutter in kids’ rooms or any other rooms in the house for that matter.

In this lens, I will feature all the right storage solutions and organizers for kids bedroom or playroom. You will find storage bins, storage boxes, storage benches, racks and more. These organizers and storage solutions for kids rooms will keep the rooms looking fresh, neat and clear or clutter and messiness.

Toy Organizer and Open Style Type Of Storage Bins For Kids Room – Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

Honey-Can-Do Kids Toy Organizer and Storage Bins

I like this type of open style storage bins for kids toys. The reason why I like them is due to their ease of use. All you need to do is organize the toys into each separate bin for example dolls for the pink bin, cars for the blue bin, building toys in the green bin, building blocks for the purple bin and more.

This is what I do. I even label the bins according to each child. This bin is for you. That bin belongs to you. Whenever the kids want to play with their toys, all they need to do is glance and pick the bin with the toys they wish to play with at the moment. When they are done, I get them to keep everything back in the bin, then I put it back on the shelving unit. It’s the perfect storage solution and it helps teach my kids to be responsible and pick up their toys after they play.

However, do note that for open style storage bins like that, you will need to wipe them from time to time to keep them free from dust. So, if you don’t have the time to do maintenance, you can go for storage boxes with lids instead or bins that more like pull out drawers so that the toys are not so exposed. This will make the toys harder for children to reach though. So, do think about the pros and cons and what works out best for you.

Kids Toy Chest Or Toy Storage Boxes – Toy Boxes With Lids Keep The Toys Out Of Sight When Not Used To Keep The Room Looking Neat And Tidy

Guide Craft Transportation Collection Toy Box

If you are the type which like everything neatly in its place, then perhaps a toy box or chest would be better as a kids room organizing solution. Toy boxes with lids keep the toys out of sight which gives the room a more tidy look. You can get pretty looking ones with kids favorite cartoon characters or plain wooden ones to match the interior of your room.

One thing to note, remember to get those with safety hinges so that little fingers don’t get hurt while taking the toys out.

Kids Book Display Units Make Good Book Organizers – You Can Choose A Book Rack That Comes Together With A Toy Rack Or A Separate Book Rack

Tot Tutors Book Rack

Young kids may enjoy a book display unit. Keep things colorful and add lovely picture books to encourage children to read.

However, book display units usually hold only a small number of books. So if you are the type who loves books and you think you will be buying a lot more books for your young child, then a proper book rack or shelf would be better as you will find that the books quickly grow in number and you will soon run out of space!

A small portable book display is however excellent for a young child’s room.

Bongo Buddies And Other Fun Pop-Up Storage Hampers For Kids

Bongo Buddies And Pop-Up Storage Are Lightweight And Portable


Storing Kids Toys can be made fun by having bongo buddies or portable pop-up organizers.

They are usually lightweight and portable and can be carried around from room to room. Be mindful that it is best to keep lightweight toys like soft alphabet blocks, plushies and other soft toys to keep them from tearing.

Bongo Buddies are fun and can be folded away when no longer needed or can be brought from playroom to wherever mum is busy working at the house. It is portable, collapsible and can be temporary or permanent storage for kids toys.

Colorful Storage Bins In Various Sizes Can Be Used For Kids Storing And Organizing Solutions – Plastic Storage Boxes And Large Storage Bins With Or Without Cover

Tot Tutors Primary Colors Large Storage Bins, Set of 4

Sometimes children grow up so fast that in not time at all, their racks and shelves are too childish for them. However, plastic storage boxes and canvas storage bins can be reused when the children have outgrown their toys and their furniture. They can be recycled for storing other household stuff.

Storage Bins without lids can be stacked up when not in use whereas plastic storage boxes with lids are useful in keeping dust out.


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