What To Look For When Buying A Juicer

Recently I replaced my old juicer for a new one. My old faithful juicer has been with me for many years. I use my juicer to make juice for my family on every alternate day. We decided to buy a bigger juicer, a big mouth juicer since we juice so often, however there was one thing we forgot to look out for when buying our juicer and we ended up returning it the next day. It was a good thing the shop accepted returns.

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This is what compelled me to write this lens. I think there are many things to look out for when buying a juicer especially if you are buying a juicer for the first time. Even though I was buying a juicer for the second time, I still missed out some of those things, so I hope that the article I am going to write below about things to look for when buying a juice machine will be useful to you. Thank you for stopping by and for reading.

Juicing For Better Health

Juicing has really improved my family health. We fall sick less often now and recover faster when we do fall sick from a cold or flu, even the children. My children are 8 and 10 and they drink vegetable juice with us too. We drink our juice neat without adding any water so lots of vegetables are required. I also try to make sure that the vegetables are clean so I clean them very carefully and I remove the skin from apples and cucumbers.

Top 5 Things To Look For When Buying A Juicer

5 Things To Look For When Choosing A Juicer – Here Are The Top 5 Things I Look For When Buying A Juicer

This article is linked so you can quickly jump to the parts you want to read. This is a summary of the rest of the article for those who don’t have time to read. Click on the link to go straight to the part that interests you the most for more details and tips or read all if you are buying a juicer for the first time.
  1. Find A Juicer With Few Parts That Are Easy To Dismantle And Clean You Will Be Doing A Lot Of Cleaning So This Is Important
  2. Get A Juicer Extractor With Hardy Parts That Won’t Snap And Can Be Easily Replaced Find Out Why.
  3. Choose A Juicer That Gives You More Juice It Will Save You Money In The Long Term
  4. Think About The Size Of Juicer That Is Right For You You Don’t Have To Get The Biggest One Available
  5. Select The Type Of Juicer Suitable For YOUR Needs A Juice Extractor, A Blender or A Dedicated Citrus Juicer. Which One Do You Need?

1. Choose A Juicer That Is Easy To Clean – You Will Be Washing Your Juicer Often So Look For A Juicer That Has Few Parts You Can

A juicer has many removable parts. It is advisable to wash your juicer as soon as you finish using it to avoid discoloration. Washing your juice extractor immediately after use also makes it much easier to wash as a simple rinse will most often do. Some of the removable parts you will have to wash include the food pusher, the pulp collector, the filter, the juice collector and the juice jug. All of these will have to be removed, dismantled and washed after each use. You also need to wipe the motor housing. Keeping your juicer clean is very important so to me this is the most important thing to look for when buying a juicer. Look for a juicer that is easy to wash! The lesser parts the better. Also look for smooth rounded corners that won’t accumulate pulp and bacteria. Remove the parts yourself if you can to get a better idea. If you are buying online, check out video demos and read reviews.

IMG_25012. Choose A Juicer With Hardy Parts That Won’t Snap Or Break – A Juicer Will Usually Come With A Warranty That Covers The Filter

Since you have to wash your juicer often, you will be dismantling and putting your juicer together fairly often. Another thing to note is the fact that most juicers will have a safety snap or locking arm. Your juicer’s motor will only start running if your juicer is properly assembled and snapped shut. Look for a juicer with parts that won’t break when you snap it shut. These parts are usually not covered by your warranty. However, it is essential because your juicer will stop working if your safety snap breaks. Even if your motor is working perfectly fine, you will not get your juicer to run. So the next most important thing to look for in a juicer are hardy parts that will not snap or break easily especially the locking arm. Locking arms made of hard plastic tend to break more easily. You will also want parts that are easily replaceable so a popular brand from a tried and tested manufacturer may sometimes be better. You don’t want to have to wait a long time for a replacement part depriving you of your nutritious juices.

3. Select A Juicer That Will Give You A Better Yield Or More Juice – A Juice Extractor That Extracts More Juice Will Safe You Mon

I juice on alternate days and buy expensive organic vegetables for juicing. This is one thing that I did not think about when buying a new juicer to replace my old one. I bought a bigger juicer one of those big mouth ones. I thought that since I made a lot of juice I could do with a bigger one. The bigger one was quite cheap and was what I thought value for money. However, on first try, I found the pulp to be rather wet compared to my old juicer. The pulp from my old juicer really comes out dry giving me a lot more percentage yield of juice from it. I decided that over the long run, I would have to spend a lot more money on fruits and vegetables if I continued to use this juicer. So I exchanged it the next day for the same juicer that I used to own. The juice extractor was smaller but better in terms of yield. Look for a juicer extractor that gives you more juice when you use it. It will save you money in the long run.

4. A Big Mouth Juicer Or Will A Smaller Juicer Do? – Look For A Juicer That Will Suit Your Needs

How often do you intend to juice? Are you a heavy user? Should you buy the biggest juicer there is? Will it save you time since you can put whole fruits in without cutting? All of these depends on your needs. They are not essential when choosing a juicer but it is still important for you to think about them when buying a juice extractor machine. I am a heavy user however I opted for a smaller juicer. A big mouth juicer may fit a whole apple in without cutting. However, I personally prefer to peel the fruits to make sure there are no pesticides in my juice. I also prefer to cut it up so I can see the insides of the apples. After all, sometimes apples rot from the inside while looking perfectly good on the outside. That is just me, however, if you think that you prefer a big mouth juicer that will safe you time, then go right on ahead to get one. As I mentioned this is not essential for choosing a juicer. It is just personal preference. However, it may be a good idea to look for larger chute if you are a heavy user. Larger chutes may also be easier to wash however if you have young kids at home remember your safety concerns as a whole hand can fit into the chute.
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5. Choose The Best Type Of Juice Extractor For Your Needs – Think About What Juice You Will Be Making Before You Buy. Do You Need

You can’t use a normal juice extractor to extract juice from wheat grass. I tried and it caused my juicer to make a really loud noise. I also had to remove the wheat grass many times and push it through again because it kept on getting stuck in my old faithful juicier. If you like to make smoothies from soft fruits like bananas and strawberries, you may need a blender rather than a juice extractor or you may need a dual juicer. A juice extractor machine works best for harder fruits like apples, celery, broccoli, carrots, pears and more. Perhaps you prefer to make orange or lemon juices only in which case a dedicated citrus juicer may be what you need. You may also like to check out the speed of the motor. Basically higher speeds yields more juice but the output may be of slightly lower quality then a slow speed juicer. Again, this is not essential but depends on your personal preference and needs. Find a juicer that will suit you best depending on what types of juice you prefer.

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