How to Self Publish Your Own Book

Are you a Blogger or Online writer? Do you frequently write articles for eZine Articles, WikiHow, Search Articles or many other directories and websites. Or perhaps you just love to write and have always wanted to write a book but don’t know how. With self publishing and eBooks, today you can write and self publish your own book for free.

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If you do a search online, you will find many articles and help, even eBooks showing you how to self publish your own book. In this lens, I will share my own experience in publishing my own book. There are many paths you can take and many companies offering you services for publishing your own eBook or Print On Demand book. I will not cover them all. I will just talk about the one’s I have used. I hope that by walking you through the process I took, it will be of value to you. Read on if you have always wanted to self publish your own book but don’t know where or how to start.

Self Publishing FAQ – Here are a few terms you should learn before you decide to self publish your own book

Before I describe my self publishing journey, you have to know a little about me

I am a blogger and online writer. I have been blogging since 2004. I have written thousands of blog posts, articles on parenting, breastfeeding help, poems, craft instructions during this time. I have always wanted to write a book but I did not know how to. The prospect of publishing one seemed daunting and overwhelming. I felt like I was starring at a big blank wall.

I have been through the ups and downs of blogging. The up journey was very exciting. Everyone wanted to become a blogger. Then facebook came along and killed blogs. People stopped reading blogs. Many abandoned their blogs. I did not because I loved writing. In fact, I started more and more blogs. Now, I have 5 blogs in all.

In 2011, I started writing on Squidoo. Squidoo made it exciting for me to write again. I love how I am able to create nice looking pages in Squidoo on a variety of subjects.

Tablet Computers and Smart Phones changed the way people read

I believe that tablet computers and Smart Phones have changed the way people read. Now, people can read on the go. eBooks made that possible. They no longer have to drag heavy copies of books. They can keep all their favorite books all in one small device to be read on the go. I do that a lot too, on my Samsung Galaxy Ace and later on my iPad and iPhone.

I believe that bloggers have to learn to adapt and repackage some of the information they have on their blogs to present their written words in the new format. This will make it easier for their readers to keep updated with their blog posts.

I have thousands of blog posts but not everyone of them is indexed by Google or are on the first page of search engine results. Some of them lay hidden, lost somewhere in the deep recess of cyberspace. I decided to repackage some of these lost articles I had written.

I Did Not Know Where Or How to Start Publishing My Own Book

I think that’s called Procrastination!

I did not know where or how to start publishing my own book. My written materials were there. I just have to put them together into a book format but beyond that I was lost. I did not know where to start.

I also had 5 blogs to maintain and 82 featured lenses on Squidoo to take care of. That takes up a lot of my online time. Taking care of the blogs and Squidoo lenses do not involve writing alone. There are many other areas like promotion and social media connections that take up even much more time.

So I told myself, I will start on my book later….. when I have the time…….

Then My Childhood Friend Published Her Own Book

While I was still telling myself, I do not know where to start and I will start working on self publishing my own book one day… some day, my childhood friend self published her own book. I helped her promote her book on my personal blog.

She was the catalyst and motivation I needed to self publish my own book. I told myself, if she could do it, then so can I.

She shared some links and resources with me and soon I was on my way to self publishing my own book.

There are many free resources to use for self publishing your own book. It would be a waste not to use them.

To Be Continued…..

Next up in Part 2 of my article

Free Online Resources for Self Publishing Your Own Book


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