Cake Pops are the latest, cutest cakes ever. This hub talks about everything you need to make cake pops, from molds to cake pop premixes and including cake pop decorations, cake pop stands and more.

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Image Credit: Cake Pops Made With Smart Planet Stuffed Cake Pop Maker From Amazon

Everything You Need To Make Cake Pops

I fell in love with cake pops the moment I laid eyes on them. Cake pops are the perfect party food. Kids love them. Even adults love them. These little finger foods called cake pops are great if you don’t want to eat a whole slice of cake. Just one pop will do.

This lens features all the things you need to make cake pops, from cake pop pans to cake pop decorations and cake pop mixes or an all in one cake pop making kit which includes everything, cake pop recipe books, cake pop blogs, cake pop pictures and more.

I hope you enjoy browsing and find something you like to make those amazing cake pops that will be the talk of your party. Why not make some fun Santa, Christmas tree or Snowman shaped cake pops for Christmas? Cake pops do not have to be all round as you will read below.

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What Are Cake Pops?

To put it very simply, cake pops are basically cake that is crumbled up and mixed with frosting, then rolled into balls, stuck onto lollipop sticks and dipped into chocolate. It’s like a cross between a lollipop and a cake.

Cake Pop Makers – If You Are Planning To Bake Your Cake Pops, You May Find One Of These Cake Pop Makers Useful – Including The Famous Babycakes Cake Pop Maker


Baby Cakes Flip -over Cake Pop Maker

The Babycakes Flip Over Cake Pop maker strikes me as very interesting which rotates so that you can make perfectly browned cake pops. It makes 12 cake pops at a time and comes with 2 plastic cooling racks, 200 treat sticks, 2 pop stands, a fork tool and a 3 cup capacity batter bottle.

The other Cake Pop makers basically have the same function. They are from different brands, so which one you buy depends on the brand you trust the most as they are all priced about the same.

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Ways To Make Cake Pop

There are several ways to make cake pop.

1. No bake by using readymade or store bought cakes or cookies

2. By using a Cake Pop maker

3. By baking with a Cake Pop Pan

Cake Pop Baller Or Meat Baller, Cape Pop Molds And Cake Pop Pans

How To Get Perfectly Round Cake Pops?

To make perfectly round cake pops, you can use a
meat baller.

Cake Pops Instant Silicone Baking Pan Set

You can make cake pops without baking by adding cake and frosting or cookies with cream and play with it like you would play with play doh. It gets really icky and all but you get a nice little texture that is great for molding and decorating. Or if you prefer, you can bake cake pops in cake pop pans.

If you using the no bake way to make cake pops, you may need a tool to help you make perfectly rounded cake pops. You can do this by using a professional cake pop baller or a meat baller or even you regular ice-cream scoop.

Cake Pop Baller Professional Sphere Mold Ball Maker for Cake and Brownie Pops, Balls and Bites

Baking Cake Pops With A Cake Pop Pan – 3 Easy Steps To Baking Cake Pops In A Cake Pop Pan – Bake, Dip, Decorate And I Would Add Display Too!

Cake Pop Pans usually come in twos, a lower pan and a cover.

How To Make Cake Pops Using Cake Pop Pans
Credit For The Following Images

Images Credit: Nordic Ware Cake Pops Baking Pan

cake pops baking pan

Step 1. Fill in the prepared cake mix into the mold

cake pops

Step 2. Dip and Decorate the baked cake pops

cake pops

Step 3. Display the finished cake pops

Cake Pop Baking Kits Or Cake Pop Mix

If You Are Not An Expert Baker, You Can Still Make Cake Pops. All You Need Is A Cake Pop Mix Or Better Still A Cake Pop Baking Kit Which Comes With Everything Included

A Cake Pop Baking Kit usually comes with the cake pop mix and frosting, sticks, decorations and more in a theme that you choose. These are really cool and easy for a beginner.

Where To Buy A Cake Pop Baking Kit That Comes With Everything

Let’s Party Cake Pops Baking Kit (Multi-colored) Party Accessory BUY NOW!

Chocolate Dipper To Make Cake Pops – You Can Use A Microwave, Double Boiler Or Crock Pot Dippers To Melt Your Chocolate Coating For Your Cake Pops


Crock-Pot SCRMTD307-DK 16-Ounce Little Triple Dipper, Silver and Black

You can first warm up your chocolate for dipping in either a microwave or double boiler and stir them constantly or you can use a little crock pot chocolate dipper that will keep your chocolate warm while you work to create your cake pops.

Where To Buy A Triple Dipper Like This

Crock-Pot , Silver and Black BUY NOW!

Babycakes 20-Ounce Chocolate Dipper with Removable Insert

Babycakes 20-Ounce Chocolate Dipper with Removable Insert BUY NOW!

It’s a lollipop. No, it’s a cake. No, its a Cake Pop!

How To Make Cake Pops Without Baking – This Is One Way Of Making Cake Pops Without Baking

No Bake Cake Pop Ideas For Kids To Make

You Can Use:

1. Oreo And Cream Cheese

2. Store Bought Cakes And Frosting

How To Make Cookie Pops – Kids Can Make Cookie Pops Instead Of Cake Pops

Tips For Making Cake Pops To Give Away

If You Are Giving Away Your Cake Pops Or Making Them For Your Kids To Take To School, You May Need To Decorate Them By Using Treat Bags And Colorful Twist Ties.

Usually you can get all of these in a nice coordinated set.

cake pops

100pcs (6″ Lollipop Sticks + 3″x5″ Bags + Twist Ties) for Cake Pops Lollipop Candy BUY NOW!

Do Cake Pops Have To Be Round?

No. Not When You Can Make Cute Cake Pops Without Baking Using These Fun Shaped No Bake Cake Pop Molds From My Little Cupcake llc

Cake Pops do not always have to be round. For example, you can make cute snowman or Christmas tree shaped cake pops for Christmas using Christmas themed Cake Pop molds.

I Love These Christmas Inspired Molds For Making Cake Balls

1 X Santa Claus Christmas Tree Snowman Silicone Bakeware BUY NOW!

Heart Shaped Molds Are Universal And Can Be Used For Any Occasion

cake pops

Wilton Petite Silicone 12 Cavity Heart Pan BUY NOW!

How To Make Oreo Cookie Pops For Kids – Easy Oreo Cookie Pop Recipes And Ideas For Kids

Kids Can Make Cooking Pops using oreo, cream cheese, melted chocolates and sprinkles on a lollipop stick. You can either crush and mold the oreos for older kids or stick and dip the oreo cookies without crushing them for younger kids.

You can find many more ideas and recipes here on Kraft Foods Cookie Pop Recipes And Ideas.

Cake Pop Decorating Supplies And Kits

How To Decorate Your Cake Pops? You Will Need Edible Food Marker Or Gourmet Food Writer, Colorful Sprinkles And Fun Shaped Toppings

Wilton Animals and Stars 6 Mix Sprinkle Assortment BUY NOW!

Cake Pop Display Stands Is Ideal for Parties and Festive Get-togethers – Cake Pops Are To Be Admired Before Being Devoured. A Cake Pop Stand Is Perfect To Displ

Heart Cake Pop Stand BUY NOW!

Heart Cake Pop Stand

While waiting for you Cake Pops to cool and be ready, you can use a styrofoam board or a stand your Cake Pops on homemade cardboard with holes. However, if you are having a party and guests, you should have a cake pop display stand so everyone can see your delightful cake pop creations.

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Happy Baking!

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