BEST FRIENDSEven if you know your BFF very well, sometimes you just don’t know what to buy for your best friend. This post helps you with some gift choices for BFF.

BFF Clothing Gifts

Matching pairs of BFF t-shirts or other clothing sets like this Flymall Best Friends Crop Top Set Graphic Tee BUY NOW! make cute gifts for you and your BFF to wear together.

Gift Guide for BFF – What To Buy Your Best Friend for Valentine’sand other holidays and celebrations

BFFs. Best Friends Forever. They stick with us through thick and thin. We may know some of our BFFs from childhood. In adulthood, our BFFs are still with us. Thats why we call they Best Friends Forever.

So what do you get this very special set of people? The one you call your Best Friends Forever?

Its easy. Just think of what you would like to have yourself. You can also get something that both of you can share, like one part of a two part jewelry or something that both of you can do together, like scrapbooks and picture frames or something exciting that you both like and can talk about and remember forever.

Here are some gift ideas for your BFFs the very Best Friends in your life for now and always. These gift ideas are perfect for your BFF’s birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day or just because.

What Does BFF Stand For?

My 10 year old says BFF stands for Big Fat Friend. That’s what her classmates have been saying. BFF actually means Best Friends Forever.

BFF Jewelry Make Good Gifts For Best Friends

6 Awesome Gift Ideas for Your BFFs

Here are some Gift Ideas for your BFF. Not that you really need one. I am sure you know your Best Friends inside out and you know exactly what she likes. However, if you want some unique gift to surprise her, why not check this list out? They are great for special occasions like her birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas.

Best Friends Forever BFF Girls Necklace Pendant Green Red Teens Fashion Jewelry BUY NOW!

  1. Best Friends Forever Jewelry – Best Friends Forever Necklaces, BFF Charm Bracelets, etc are great because they come in a set for you and your Best Friend.
  2. Best Friends Forever Books and Journals – This is a wonderful gift you can give your BFF. Remember to sign and give a personal message on the inside cover for your BFF
    . She will treasure it for a long time.
  3. Best Friends Forever Christmas Ornament – Get your BFF a Christmas Ornament. It is a unique and cute gift. As a matter of fact, why not get your Best Friend an ornament for each and every year so that you can recount how many years you have been together as best friends!
  4. Best Friends Forever Clothing – especially BFF tees with quotes and sayings make great gifts. Perhaps you could get one that says “I Love My BFF” and try to persuade her to wear it. I’m sure she won’t not need much persuasion. 😉
  5. Best Friends Forever Mug – It is easy to get your BFF to think of you often. Just get her a mug and she’ll think of you everytime she has a drink. There are many mugs to choose from. Most of them come with meaningful quotes and sayings for your BFFs.
  6. Something special and unique – You want to be different. You don’t want yet another BFF gift with BFF written all over it or one with special Best Friends Quotes and Sayings. So why not hunt for something uniquely cute like the adorable coin purse featured on this page?

I love those Best Friends Forever Necklaces or Jewelry that comes in a set.

1. Because they Last Forever like your Best Friend

2. They’re adorable and I want one for myself too!

This best friend charm bracelet charm is exceptionally beautiful.
You get one and your BFF gets one. Its really meaningful. The butterflies look lovely as one but even more complete when put together. The words “Best Friend” is engraved behind the butterfly charm for best friends.

Authentic Chamilia Sterling Silver Charm “Best Friends Gift Set” with Swarovski BUY NOW!

Best Friend Forever Jewelry With Best Friend Quote

Another Type Of BFF Jewelry To Give As Gifts Are Best Friend Jewelry With Quotes Or Sayings On Them

The Best Friend Quote on this BFF Jewelry reads “The Story of Friendship Is Written On the Pages Of The Heart. I am a Better Me Because Of You”.

Very lovely saying. Any best friend receiving this best friend pendant will be touched.

Sterling Silver “The Story of Friendship” Disc and Heart Pendant Necklace, 18″ BUY NOW!

BFF Twin Pendants One for you and one for your best friend

BFF Twin Pendants also make a good choice

This is because it is a symbol of friendship to each have a part of a jewelry.

Necklaces or bracelets that form a part of whole when you put them together are especially charming.

You could tell a best friend that she is loved on Valentine’s Day by giving her a BFF Twin Pendant. Usually these pendants are split heart shapes.

Two Half of one Heart Charms with black PVC ropes BUY NOW!

“A Good Best Friend Forever is hard to find”

Yes, we know that don’t we? So why not tell your BFF how much you cherish her by giving her this cute, unique and fun Love Your BEST FRIEND matching outfits for girls are the perfect thing for a girls only party! Best friends do everything together – these matching outfits show how you feel about your BFF while painting each others nails, gossiping, watching movies and just having fun together. Thats what BFF are for. They will always be around for you.

BFFs are hard to find and even harder to keep, so treasure them if you have one

Best Friends Forever Mugs

Want your Best Friend Forever to think of you often?

Easy. Just get her a BFF Mug as a gift. There are plenty to choose from but this one is especially cute.

Super Cute Mug Gift for your BFF. It has the saying “The Bonds We Have Are Everlasting” on it.

Enesco Children of the Inner Light Best Friends Mug BUY NOW!

A Super Cute Momiji message doll makes a unique and special gift for a best friend

Momiji Best Friends Message Doll BUY NOW!

Momiji Best Friends Message Doll Celebrations Dolls Collection

You don’t have to get a give that says BFF for your Best Friend or one with sayings and quotes if you like to be different.

You can write your own special message and put it in a Momiji Message Doll for your best friend.

6 More Amazing Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

  1. DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit – for the Best Friends who likes to make things herself… or you can make the bracelets together. You make one for her and she makes one for you. This is another gift that both of you can share. After all sharing and caring is what best friends are all about.
  2. A Gift Basket for a BFF – These are perfect for the best friend who is far away. Tell her you care this holidays by giving her a gift basket filled with her favorite things, whether its spa kits or foodie treats. I’m sure you know what she likes.
  3. BFF Music Gift – If you and your Best Friend enjoy music, you can give your BFF the gift of music. You can both sing like BFFs Katy Perry and Rihanna or anyone else that you both fancy. I love music and I always look back upon the different times of my life with my BFFs by remembering the music we use to sing and listen to.
  4. Friendship Plaques – Special Words for a Best Friend. You can make your own or get a plaque. Its up to you. However, one thing’s for sure. Your best friend will cherish it forever.
  5. Best Friends Forever Frame – No, this is not a boring gift at all. Why should it be? It will be a wonderful place to put a photo of you together. A place to frame up and freeze one moment in time for you and your best friend. Find one with a nice quote or saying for your Best Friend. Including a photo of the both of you will complete this gift for your BFF.
  6. Decorative Gifts for a Best Friend – These make nice gifts for a BFF because they will be lovingly placed in a nice spot to remind you of your friendship. Better still, if it comes with a nice quote from you to your friend.

DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit for your BFF

ALEX Toys Do-it-Yourself Wear Friends 4 Ever Jewelry BUY NOW!

Alex Toys Friends 4 Ever Bracelet Making Kit

If your Best Friends love crafting and making things, the gift to consider is a DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit.

She can then make a bracelet each for the both of you. Perfectly suitable for the younger BFFs set.

Send a loving hug to a BFF across the miles to show your warm feelings of care and compassion.

Wait a minute. She doesn’t have to be miles away. In fact, you can both enjoy the goodies bundled in this basket the next time you get together for an all girl’s movie night, sleepover or pyjama party.

Filled with zesty popcorn, fresh roasted nuts, crisp cheese straws, decadent cookies, savory snack mix and scrumptious mini cookies. Yum! Yum!

Gift Basket Village Friends Forever Gift Basket BUY NOW!

The Most Valuable Antique Are Old Friends – This Cute Friendship Doll Sings And Dances To “That’s What Friends Are For”

Chantilly Lane Pearl’s Wisdom 19″ T-Shirt sings “That’s What Friends Are For” (Teal) BUY NOW!
 This little friendship doll is a cute gift for your bff for this Christmas. The doll wears a long sleeved tshirt with the words “The Most Valuable Antique Are Old Friends” and she sings and moves to “That’s What Friends Are For”. Very cute gift for your BFF.

Here are more Chantilly Lane Friendship Plushies in different colors and with other friendship sayings to select from.

Short Poem For Best Friends Forever – My BFF

You are my best friend forever,

That’s how I hope we’ll stay together,

As we grow older and wiser,

I know there is no one nicer.

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