This post gives you some quick tips and ideas for decorating your dorm room specially for girls only. You can have your dorm ready in the 5 easy steps shown or checklist provided.
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Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – How To Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps

Girls, if this is the first time away from home and you don’t know how to decorate your room away from home, your dorm room, then this lens will help you. Parents, if you are sending your child away from home for the first time, this lens has ideas on what to get for your daughter to make her as comfortable as possible in her new dorm room.

This post will show you how to decorate your dorm room in 5 easy steps. You don’ t have to be overwhelmed and lost when you think about decorating your dorm room. Just think about decorating your dorm room area by area and in no time, your dorm room will look like it has been designed by a pro.

Quick Tips On How To Decorate Your Dorm Room

1.Decide on your dorm room bedding – this is your focal point

2. Then focus on your walls and floor. Mix and match items and colors to match your bedding

3. Organize, Organize, Organize

4. Add in some extras, some personal little things that you like

Decorate Your Dorm Room In 5 Easy Steps – Dorm Room Ideas For Girls – Checklist

You may feel overwhelmed when you think of decorating the entire dorm room all at once. So, break up this task and you will be able to think of ideas one at a time working through the checklist.

Break down your dorm room decorating by concentrating on each area separately. Go down this list one by one and decorate each part of your dorm one at a time.

If you prefer, you can click on each step and go directly to the area you want to decorate.

STEP 1: Keep Your Dorm Bed Snug And Cozy While Making It The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor

Dorm Room Bedding Is The Focal Point Of Your Dorm Room Decor


Your Dorm Bed not only keeps you snug and cozy, it is the focal point of your dorm room. Since a dorm room is quite small, the first thing you see when you enter the dorm is your bed. Your bed can be the focal point for your dorm room decorating. Your dorm bed will also be the one that you will be lying on at the end of a hard day’s work so make it as comfy as you can. Dorm room bedding is the most important decorating item you can get for your dorm room.

Get a good comforter set with the color theme that you want for your dorm room. This will be the focal point for your dorm room. Get comfortable throw cushions and make your dorm bed as cozy as you can. Get striking colors or warm muted colors, it is up to you. Cushions in complementary colors or those in striking bold colors will give your dorm room the look that YOU want. You don’t have to be an interior designer or decorator to do this. Just get a good bedding in your taste and style and then match the rest of your dorm room to that focal point, the dorm bed.

A good option would be to choose a colorful dorm room bedding set. In that way, you will have more colors to work with for the rest of your dorm room.

Step 2: Decorate Your Dorm Walls With Memories From Home Or With Fun Posters, Wall Decals, Calendars Or Writing Boards – Don’t Leave Your Dorm Room Walls Empty

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After you have decided on your bedding, the next step would be to tackle your walls. Think of what you like. If you like to be reminded of memories of home, a photo collage would be great.

You can also opt for fun wall decals with sayings or colorful wall decals to match your bedding.

Another idea would be to hang up posters or include organizers or calendars or chalk boards for you to write down reminders and more.

If You Prefer A More Colorful Way To Display Your Photos, Try This

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Tip: Remember to get items that can be cleaned easily as you will be doing the cleaning, not mum!

Step 3: Warm And Snug Rugs For Your Dorm Floors Add Texture And Design To Your Dorm Room – Your Dorm Bed Is Cozy With Just The Right Bedding, You Have Decorated

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The next step in our 5 step dorm room decorating is to decorate your floor. Yes, you can decorate your floors too with warm, comfortable and cozy rugs or with cute bathroom mats or with a mat that makes a statement like this floor mat with a quote.

Tip: Get a place for verything and keep everything it its place.

Step 4: Dorm Room Organization Is Essential So That Your Little Space Is Not Cluttered And Messy

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place Should Be The Motto For Every Small Room. You Can Keep Your Dorm Room Neatly Organized With Organization Kits And Boxes To Keep Everything Neatly Away.

You will need laundry bags, bathroom caddies, personal organizers, shelf organizers, storage boxes, accessory drawers and more. You may also need hanging organizers for your shoes, accessories or clothes.

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Step 5: Finally, You Will Need Dorm Room Extras For That Extra Oomph – You Can Really Have Fun With This Part Of Decorating Your Room

Your dorm room has got the right bedding with the style and color you want, you have decorated the walls of your dorm room with pretty pictures from home, you managed to find a cute floor mat to match your style and you’ve got the organizers you need. Now, you can add the final touch like dividing your dorm room between work and play area by using Bead Curtains.

You can add knick knacks and other cute finds for your tables, shelves and then you can relax in your dorm room that feels like home and one that is totally you.

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Quick Tip: Room Decals Are The Way To For Easy Decorating That Looks Good And Can Be Changed When You Get Bored Of The Look Or Theme For Your Dorm Room

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