Whether you are one of the favorite workers in the company or you simply want to spread a little cheer to your employer, holiday corporate gift baskets are a festive idea. There are a few different types of baskets that you can make with an abundance of items that you can include depending on what the employer enjoys.

Before arriving at work, your employer can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea from a mug that you include in a basket of treats. You can make the basket with select brands of coffee and tea that are delicious and have a decadent flavor instead of the ordinary blends that are sometimes consumed. Add a few packages of cookies to dunk in the beverage of choice for a splendid morning any day of the week.

If you employer likes to eat through the day, then consider a basket with sweet treats and candies. You can also add a few savory items so that the basket isn’t too overwhelming. Christmas cookies are an idea along with gourmet chocolates, hard candies, nuts and a few meats and cheeses that can be enjoyed with crackers. Another idea is a wine and cheese basket with two glasses so that the employer can enjoy the basket with someone special. This is an idea so that the gift can be consumed after a long day at work. Fruit baskets are something else to consider if you know that the employer can’t enjoy sweet foods or likes living healthy.

A beauty basket is an idea if you know that the employer has been working on a deadline or hasn’t really had a lot of time to spend relaxing. Include a gift certificate to a spa to get a massage so that the employer can have a day full of doing nothing but being pampered. Add a few candles, bath salts, bubble baths and other items that can transform the bathroom into a spa at home. For a fun gift, you can create a movie basket with tickets to see a favorite movie, popcorn and a few DVDs to watch at home.

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