Although the holiday season is oftentimes full of love and light, it is also the era during which many people overeat, become sedentary, and pack on some serious weight. If this tends to be your usual pattern, know that you can break it this year. To ensure that you can fully enjoy the festive season by maintaining a state of vitality and mental well-being, implement the following wellness optimization techniques:

1. Use Testing Kits.

Because the stress of the holiday season can oftentimes hamper immunity, many people find themselves falling prey to illnesses. However, quickly diagnosing these illnesses can empower you to resolve them so you can get back to loving life. To get a high quality testing kit, you can use the materials found at Diagnostic Automation/Cortez Diagnostics, Inc. In addition to providing customers with a high quality HCG combo pregnancy test, the company offers kits for the following:

• Anemia
• Hepatitis
• Diabetes
• Allergy

2. Replace Unhealthy Desserts With Nutritious, Delicious Options.

Another great strategy you should implement to stay healthy during the holidays is to carefully monitor what you eat. Throughout Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, people tend to gorge on nutritionally vacuous foods that are high in fat and sugar. Because this is such a culturally ingrained activity, you may think escaping the pattern is impossible. It is not. In fact, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious foods without suffering from the weight gain and lethargy that unhealthy items induce. For example, individuals who love fatty pasta dishes with sugary sauce can us a spiralizer to create noodles out of fresh zucchini. You can then create a delicious spaghetti sauce out of tomatoes, dates, sundried tomatoes, and whichever herbs and spices you choose.

3. Meditate.

One final health technique you should incorporate during the holiday is meditation. Because the holidays tend to be quite stressful, many people find themselves victimized by negative thinking and wavering mental health. You can prevent this devolution from adversely impacting your well-being by meditating at least ten minutes a day throughout the holiday season.


If you’re serious about maintaining high levels of energy and mental well-being throughout the holiday season, you can get started right now. By using testing kits to identify illnesses, preparing holiday dishes that are delicious and nutritious, and meditating, you’ll likely find that you take your level of wellness to an all-time high!

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