Learn to Play the Piano Online

You can learn anything online including the piano. This post will lead you to the sites that will help you learn the piano online. If you have always dreamed to play the piano, you can fulfill your dream now.

Learn to Play the Piano on YouTube – Learn to play piano in 40 lessons

One easy way to learn the piano online is by watching YouTube videos. I like this You Tube channel that teaches you just that. There are 40 free piano lessons altogether starting from the very basics.

Here are some software and dvds to guide you in learning piano

You can learn to play piano for free from Andrew Furmanczyk. I think it is a wonderful initiative by a piano teacher who has set up this web page to share his knowledge for free. The YouTube video lessons on How to play the piano above are his.

Learn how to play piano with Zebra Keys

This site offers over 50 free online lessons

Here is the list of free piano lessons from Zebra Keys for Basic, Beginner and Advanced. Piano lessons are targeted for kids aged 13 and up. The parent who has no piano background but who wants to help their kids learn will find this site useful.

Learn Piano By Chords

I find this site that teaches how to play piano by chords interesting. It tries to keep learning music theory to a minimum. However, I find that a complete beginner may find it hard to follow. It will however be very useful for the piano learner who wish to brush up on their chords.

This site offers free beginner, intermediate and advanced piano lessons including lessons on how to play piano scales. So if you or your child needs help with your piano scales, this is the place to go to.

I hope you found this site useful. Comments welcomed.

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