My freebies for the day

Today I went to the mall can came back with these freebies. I was out to do a few errands and to buy some reference book for my kid so might as well drop by the Loccitane Beauty Market to have a look at what’s going on. It was quite happening. There were lots of Instagram worthy spots for those of you who love taking photos. In fact I saw a few ladies posing in some of the pretty set ups.

I had pre-registered for this event online. Too bad I was not one of the first 1000 (wow 1000) to register so I did not have a free gift for that. However, there were about half a dozen “stations” for me to visit and at the end, I could redeem about 5 free samples.

If you are planning to visit the Beauty Market, you need to first register (either pre-register or on the spot) and then each time you visit a station (there are about 6), your mobile will be scanned. Once you have completed all, you can go to the redemption counter to redeem your samples. Oh my, everything is so high tech these days.

Instagram worthy roses
I caught two ladies posing prettily here
Another Instagram worthy set up

If you take a photo and upload to your social media, whether IG or FB and hashtag #loccitanemalaysia or #loccitanebeautymarket, you will get an extra travel sized shampoo with compliments. You can include yourself in the photo or otherwise, it does not matter as long as it is at the event and includes those hashtags.

Here’s one other tip. One of the stations, you might like to visit is the Cultiveat Station where you can recycle 6 empty bottles for a free vegetable. I prefer to save my 6 empties for the Loccitane recycling project which is still ongoing as you can exchange them for Loccitane products. You can get your free vegetable if you answer a simple 5 page questionnaire instead of recycling your bottles. The questionnaire is set up on a big giant mobile phone screen at the station.

Pick your free vegetables here
Make sure you fill up a survey on this giant mobile first

If you are wondering what the Watsons Honey & Milk Scented pack is doing there… well, I activated my Touch n Go eWallet recently with a RM8 free credit. I had RM5.50 which was expiring soon, so I went to pick that up for RM4.60 so that’s another freebie too.

Here are some of the other interesting stations to visit.

I was too embarrassed to have my scalp health tested here because I know its not very healthy!
I thought this was cute. Almonds galore!
Its nice to know some history about the products you buy
If you like to take selfies, here’s a nice booth just for you to pose
My favourite station. Everything smelled so good here
You can pick up the bells to smell the perfume samples
Flowers, flowers everywhere!

I took time to smell the flowers today and it felt good.

I hope this blog post on my newly revived blog is useful for you if you plan to visit the Loccitane Beauty Market. It is on till Sunday 18th August 2019 at the Mid Valley Megamall Centrecourt. 

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