Today the courier came by with some chlorophyll drinks. It’s a little bit embarrassing to have the couriers dropping by and ringing my bell so frequently. The neighbours probably think I am addicted to online shopping or something.

Anyway, I won these from a Friendship Day Giveaway organized by Surya Malaysia. I had won Apple Cider Vinegar from Surya before in a contest organized by Big Pharmacy so I was expecting to see more ACV mistakenly.

I was surprised to find two bottles of chlorophyll drinks instead. They were Peach and Lychee Flavoured Chlorophyll drinks. I wonder how they taste as I have not got a chance to taste it yet. Chlorophyll reminds me of grass and leaves. Will they go well with Lychee and Peach?

Chlorophyll Drinks

Here’s a closer look at the two flavours.

Here’s a look at the ingredients. The Lychee one contains Water, Lychee, Apple and Chlorophyll whereas the Peach one contains Water, Peach, Passionfruit and Chlorophyll. You are supposed to mix 25ml of these with 125 ml of lukewarm water to serve.

I can’t wait to try it later. Thank you to Surya Malaysia for this opportunity to try these health drinks. Below is the contest I entered. My winning entry was reminiscing about the time when I was in college and we were playing hide and seek in a bungalow by the beach in the dark and one of my friends hid in the cupboard and the cupboard broke. It is one of the things that I will never forget. The fun times and things we did when we were younger. Happy Friendship Day 2019.

The Giveaway Banner

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