Whenever the courier man comes, the kids are curious to know whats in the package. Will it be yet another boring skincare product for mum or will it be some delicious snacks?

The courier man did not disappoint today. He brought with him a pack of London Choco Roll in several varieties. The kid was delighted.

Our London Choco Roll Variety Pack

So, let’s see what varieties of London Choco Rolls we received. It’s always exciting to open up a parcel full of gifts in different variations. We received 4 varieties all together.

  1. We had London Roll Strawberry Flavour cake.
London Roll Strawberry Flavour Cake

2. We also had London Roll Milk Flavour Cake

London Roll Milk Flavour Cake

3. Next we had something called a London Love Cake with Cheese and Butter Flavour.

Love Cake Cheese & Butter Flavoured

4. Finally we had a Double Choco Milk Cream Cake

London Choco Roll Double Choco Milk Cream Cake

If you wish to know the varieties of London Choco Rolls and Cakes, you can visit their website which I just linked to. They have an amazing variety, several pages of it in fact!

Thank you London Choco Roll for selecting me as one of the winners for your July giveaway and thank you for the surprise Touch n Go card too.

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