Dora The Explorer movie merchandise

Dora and the Explorer brings back a lot of childhood memories of our kids to us. They watched Dora episodes, read Dora storybooks, played Dora games. The little one would wake up extra early during the weekends, knock on the door and requested to play the Dora Game on TV. At the time, there were no mobile phones or fanciful apps so we relied on the good old tv and tapes for the games.

Winning Dora merchandise was therefore something very happy for us. The Dora movie merchandise we won include a World Scratch Map (you scratch off the parts of the world you have visited to reveal the colourful map beneath.

Quite often you will receive a poster as part of the movie merchandise you win in a giveaway. The Scratch Map is one of the best posters we have ever received!

There’s also a light up yoyo toy and a beautiful compass and the Dora backpack too.

I love this set, not only because it has very nice items but also because of the memories it brings. I end this post with the lyrics of the map song from Dora and the explorer.

If there is a place you got to go
I am the one you need to know
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!

If there is a place you got to get
I can get you there I bet
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map!
I’m the Map! (repeat till end of song)

Lovely Dora and the Lost City of Gold Compass
Dora the Explorer purple backpack
Dora the Explorer Movie Merchandise Set

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