I had been curious about how The Yue Fantasy Mooncake “Box” from The Westin Kuala Lumpur works. I heard that it was also a light, a bluetooth speaker and I wondered whether the mooncake fit in the box as well? If so, how many mooncakes?

So, to my delight, I was able to find out when I won the Mooncake Giveaway organized by Kuali.com. One of the requirements was to state what we would like to see more of from Kuali .

Below is my long-winded answer. I just wrote what was on my mind. I am very happy that Kuali decided to choose my entry as one of the winning entries.

On Kuali, to be honest, I haven’t been on the site for sometime although I used to frequent it for recipe ideas. I was going to suggest videos but when I clicked through I saw so many amazing videos already posted. This will definitely make me return to visit!

What I would like to see more on Kuali as a busy mom are COOKING THEMES for example

– Hacks and tricks (Quickie Recipe) Ideas for busy moms including one pot meals or other recipe ideas where you can cook and then leave to warm while you do your school runs etc. We not only need recipes, we need the whole idea of how to cook and keep food warm for different family members eating at different times while we run around being personal drivers to the said family members) or menu ideas for moms who have to cook in the morning, go to work and come home to prepare a quick home-cooked meal.

– Party recipes and layouts ideas (my party animal sister will LOVE this one). How to cook and plan and display for a party of 2-3 or 20-30 etc.

– Malaysian Festival Recipes (you already have Chinese New Year and Christmas etc but wouldn’t it be nice to put them all together? As Malaysians we should appreciate and try the various recipes from different cultures and not only our own)

– Kitchen Cooking Appliances Recipe Ideas and tips (ie recipes based on cooking with different kitchen cooking appliances like Air Fryers, Bread makers, Steamers, Pressure Cooker Recipe ideas and so forth). I just got a Pressure cooker and I have no idea what to cook with it except soups and stews and I am so worried it will explode or something, I could certainly do with some help from Kuali in this area)

– Menu planning – what to cook when you have to cook 7 days a week, twice a day and run out of ideas. Maybe even menu planning for a whole week or a whole month. That would help us a lot.

Instead of just recipes, I would like to see more tips like the above.

Thank you Kuali for organizing and asking for our ideas.

Enough of my long winded comment, now let’s talk about mooncakes. This year, The Westin KL has 8 choices of mooncakes including
Black Sesame Single Yolk, Pandan Mung Bean Single Yolk, Superb Mixed Nuts Baked Mooncakes, Low Sugar White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncakes, Cranberry Green Tea Mooncake, Purple Sweet Potato Mooncake and Taro Sensation Mooncake.

The mooncake mold is very beautiful too. My absolute favorite is the Cranberry Green Tea Mooncake. Not only does it taste really unique, it looks very pretty too, with green bamboo design.

As for the mooncake “box” well, it is just a marvelous very well thought of design. Every detail has been carefully thought about including how to fit the mooncakes into the box right up to how to open up the box with ease. It’s quite complicated to describe, so here’s a video to show you how the Yue Fantasy hides secret treasures within and it is by itself a treasure too!

The Westin KL is one of the winners of The Star Mooncake Awards 2019! A well-deserved win seeing how much thought has been put into its design.

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