I have become more brand aware every since I started joining giveaways. After I started joining contests, I start to learn a lot about new as well as existing brands which I previously did not know of.

Now when I go to the supermarket or mall, I would see all the brands of food and other products which I had joined in giveaways. I would discover new restaurants, meals and menus too. It’s quite fun and interesting.

Royal-B Honey. My winning bottle plus another which I purchased after finding out about this honey through Facebook giveaways

I first heard of Royal-B Honey from a post shared by a friend. Royal-B Honey was giving away honey to lucky winners. The company is so generous in giving away the honey to participants because this is how they have chosen to spend their marketing dollars.

It is quite effective too. I joined several of their giveaways. I didn’t always win but I had a lot of fun participating. One of the giveaways required me to take a photo of their product at the supermarket. I had fun sneaking a photo at the honey shelf at Aeon.

I became strangely loyal to the brand after having consumed one or two complimentary bottles. Before this, I was taking the cheap brands and I could taste the difference. The cheap ones just tasted sugary. On the other end of the spectrum, there were the expensive ones which I couldn’t afford so I didn’t buy those. I find that Royal-B is affordably priced and had the real goodness taste of honey too.

Royal-B honey display at a supermarket shelf

So from giveaway contestant, I ended up being a customer. I went to buy new bottles after my complimentary bottle finished. I am quite a heavy consumer of honey as I drink it, put it on food, our pancakes, french toasts etc. I usually buy a bottle every other week or at least once a month.

Royal-B honey is harvested from the Largest Bees farm in Malaysia, naturally blended, filtered and packed. You can find it in most supermarkets all over Malaysia.

You can follow their Facebook Page to be informed of their honey giveaways.

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