Today I received a Happy Bunch of Things literally from a floral and gifts delivery company aptly called Happy Bunch.

I had won this gift box from a Facebook Giveaway Contest organized by Happy Bunch. It was a Hometown Giveaway Contest and participants were required to talk about the one thing they missed most from their hometowns.

I won the Glow Box. This is one of the currently 4 gift boxes being offered at the Happy Bunch website. Described as a box loaded with calming goodness, let’s see what’s in it!

  • There’s a silky eyeshade embroidered with the words goodnight on it.
  • Two satchets of Rhymba Hylls Lemongrass, Roselle and Ceylon Cinnamon tea which includes all of those ingredients plus kaffir lime leaves and tumeric.
  • An Ischia Miracle Marine Collagen Magic Gel Corset Mask formulated with marine collagen and hot spring water
  • A loofah handmade soap from Sabun Society with sea salt and citrus fragrance oil, and
  • A faux jade facial roller (it’s quite heavy)

What a lovely surprise gift! Yes, I am certainly happy with these bunch of things. For more gift boxes including their Pamper Box, Dapper Box (for men) and Reminisce Box (kids and teens may like this) check out the company’s website here

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