Since Mid Valley Megamall is my hangout place and the bridge connecting The Gardens (which is adjacent to Mid Valley) to Abdullah Hukum MRT and KTM stations just opened, I just had to go and check it out. I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s my photo story. If you prefer to skip my grandmother story, just scroll right to the bottom of this post for my video story.

Abdullah Hukum station with Telekom building and RTM building in the background

Abdullah Hukum Station is connected to The Gardens. So if you are at Mid Valley Megamall, you have to head on over to The Gardens. Once you are at the Gardens, walk over to the Isetan side of the Mall. Isetan is on several floors. Go to the First Floor. Here’s The Gardens Mall Floor Guide

The path leading to the walkway is on the first floor of The Gardens Mall near Isetan and beside the Japanese Restaurant (Credit for image: The Gardens Mall Floor Guide)
Isetan, The Gardens Mall (First floor links to the walkway)

Then look for the Japanese restaurant. I forgot to take a clearer picture of the restaurant. If I am not mistaken it is the Ichiriki Japanese restaurant (F-237B). The walkway leading to the bridge connecting The Gardens to the Abdullah Hukum station is just right beside the restaurant, on the left side of the restaurant. There are no signage as yet.

The path leading to the walkway is beside the Ichiriki Japanese restaurant

However, once you turn round the corner, you will see a sign that says the walkway access will be closed from 1.00am to 6.00am.

Access to the walkway is closed from 1.00 am to 6.00 am

Now let’s take a walk along the walkway. You will see nice views on both sides of the walkway. Below is the view from the walkway when you look to the left and the right of you.

View on the right as you are heading to the Abdullah Hukum station
View on the left as you are heading to the Abdullah Hukum station

Below is the street view from outside St Giles, The Gardens Residences

View from St. Giles, The Gardens Residences
Street view from St. Giles, The Gardens Residences

Finally, the walkway, the stairways and escalators

Both the KTM and LRT lines run through Abdullah Hukum Station
Stairways at Abdullah Hukum Station

Abdullah Hukum Station has access to both MRT and KTM lines

Komuter train schedule at the Abdullah Hukum Station
Ticketing office for KTM rides
Abdullah Hukum MRT or LRT station
Self Service ticketing booths at Abdullah Hukum station

I noticed a self service pick up and drop off point for Ninja Van. This is convenient if you need to send or collect packages.

A Ninja delivery pick up and drop off self service booth

After a short look around, I’m heading back to The Gardens. Using escalator instead of stairs now.

Escalator at Abdullah Hukum Sation

If you have just arrived at Abdullah Hukum Station, you can head over to KL Eco City Mall, Mid Valley City or The Gardens where there’s plenty of shopping and eateries and you can shop till you drop all day long.

This is the view that greeted me upon arriving at The Gardens Mall.

Since the walkway connects to KLEC Mall or KL Eco City Mall, I decided to take a detour to check out KLEC Mall (KL Eco City Mall)

This is the sight that greeted me at KLEC Mall.

I didn’t have time to venture a lot but this looks promising – Bangsar Foodie Centre (b.f.c.)

Bangsar Market by Jaya Grocer is opening soon as well. It says New Concept. My curiosity is piqued.

No time to linger so its back to The Gardens. From the KLEC Mall, turn left to go the Mid Valley City or turn right to go to Abdullah Hukum KTM or LRT stations

It’s Christmas time so I’m greeted by a white Christmas at The Gardens mall.

… and a Red Christmas at Mid Valley City Mall.

Summary of my walk can be found in the following video. Happy Watching and thank you for reading!

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