In-laws…. do you buy gifts for your in-laws during Chinese New Year? For CNY it is customary to visit our in-laws and when it comes to visiting, we always bring a gift to our hosts and leave with a little something too. The polite rule is to never to to a house empty handed.

This year, we may not be physically visiting our in-laws due to the MCO/CMCO/RMCO that is in place but it is still nice to send them a little gift. Here are a few CNY gift ideas for in-laws.

Wish of Blissfulness CNY Hamper by Biogreen x Etblisse

CNY Hamper by Biogreen x Etblisse

This CNY hamper contains 7 items plus angpow as follows. This is for in-laws who like organic products instead of the average hamper that is laden with sweet stuff.

• Biogreen O’Tigres (Low Cane Sugar) Organic Black Bean Powder* • Biogreen 100% Pure Black Sesame Powder* • Biogreen Grapes Enzymes • Biogreen Organic Rosehip & Hibiscus Antioxidant Tea Bag • Etblisse Multigrain Tuber Sandwich Crackers* • Etblisse Organic Quick Cook Jumbo Oats* • Etblisse Spring Green Noodles* • Ang Pao (Etblisse Organic Ginger Soymilk 1’s + Biogreen Perfect Pink Lady 1’s)

Gift of Flourish CNY Hamper by Purple Cane

Gift of Flourish CNY Hamper by Purple Cane

This CNY Hamper is for the tea lover. It comes with
1 box Baby Chrysanthemum Herbal Tea Hangzhou (50g) 1 box Rose Herbal Tea Shandong (100g) 1 box Wuyi Shui Xian Oolong Tea Fujian (100g) 1 box Jasmine Green Tea Flower Scented Tea Fujian (75g) 1 pc Perpetual Calendar from Artist Yap Hong Ngee 1 pc Glass Teapot Set – Side Handle (550cc) and Purple Cane Exclusive Red Packets . The Glass teapot set is great for seeping the teas for leisurely afternoons.

Gift of Health from Eu Yan Sang Niah RTD Bird’s Nest CNY Gift Box

Eu Yan Sang CNY Bird's Nest Gift Box

This genuine bird’s nest collected from the Niah Caves in Sarawak is perfect for old folks who enjoy bird’s nest in a bottle. In the older days, they used to have to boil the bird’s nest for a long time. Now they come in easy convenient bottles for quick enjoyment by the in-laws. They come in pretty packaging too!

Gift of Energy from Brand’s Chicken Essence CNY Gift Set 

Brands's Chicken of Essence CNY Gift Set

Brand’s Essence of Chicken is just right for seniors who want to be more active. This CNY Octagon Gift Set include 18x 70g bottles of Brand’s Essence of Chicken. As we all know, 18 is an auspicious number especially during Chinese New Year.

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