I had been search for KF94 masks for a while. There are so many in the market and I worry about getting counterfeit masks.

Recently the Korean Embassy Facebook in Malaysia FB page published an advisory.

Since the “KF” in KF94 masks stands for “Korean Filter”, I figured that it would be a good idea to get the KF94 masks direct from Korea. I found a seller who supplies KF94 masks direct from Korea. The brand is Bio Mate. I quickly did a check using the link shared in the Korean Embassy post. The mask was in the list of approved KF94 masks. I proceeded to order and within a week I received my KF94 masks direct from Korea to Malaysia. I love internet shopping.

The mask is comfortable and covers all areas, the nose, cheeks and chin with no gaps in between. What is comfortable to one, may not be to another because we all have different face shape and sizes, so you can try a smaller box first. The mask comes in boxes of 10, 30 and 50. It comes in both adult and kid sizes.

Where to buy this KF94 mask

Here’s where you can get the bioMate KF94 masks from Korea. Shopee link: https://shp.ee/89s9g2p Seller ships directly from Korea to Malaysia. You can enjoy a 5% discount by keying in any of the following codes during checkout. KMOMMPSP1, KMOMMPSP2 or KMOMMPSP3. 100% PRODUCT OF KOREA] KF94 MASK FOR KIDS AND ADULT Exclusively at KMOMMYSPICK

For those who wish to buy just one piece to test out the fit first, I saw this mask being sold at Guardian and Watsons too. They sold it loose at about RM3 per piece. I bought a box of 50 at RM95 for the whole box. It came with a Volcanic Ash Pore Capsule Pack as a free gift.

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