Today I received some Korean Snacks form the Korean Tourism Organization Malaysia. Korean Snacks make me happy.

I am an avid Korean drama fan so snacking on Korean Snacks while I binge watch my Korean dramas is my idea of the perfect me time! You know they almost always feature delicious Korean foods in the dramas which make my mouth water. Eating ramyeon is also a must in the dramas and without fail, it makes me feel like cooking a packet too!

So where can I get some of the snacks in this snack box after I run out of them?

I can get my Lotte Peppero here:

There are many flavours available too. Yummy!

1. Almond

2. White cookie

3. Choco filled

4. Original

5. Choco cookie

Roasted Mackerel Snack is very delicious. I like the brand called KFish. Here’s where to get them.

Where to buy Korean Roasted Mackerel Snack:

Samyang Cup Noodles. There are so many flavours to choose from.

1. Original

2. Carbo

3. Jjolbokki

4. Meat spaghetti

5. Jjajang

6. Cream Carbo

7. Cheese

8. 4 kinds of cheese (New)

If not sure which to choose, just try one of every variant.

Here’s where to get Samyang Cup Noodles :

All snacks and no drinks makes one feel thirsty, so let’s get some banana flavoured milk drink. If banana is not your cup of tea, you can try strawberry milk, melon milk or even lychee and peach milk.

Here’s where to get Binggrae Korean fruit flavored milk drink:

Finally, if you feel guilty from all that snacking, the next day you can have some diet supplement in the form of Jelly B. drinkable konjac jelly . Again, there are many varieties, 8 Flavors to be exact – Apple, Grape, Peach, Watermelon, Mango, Blueberry, Lychee & Jeju Mandarin.

Where to buy Jelly B. drinkable konjac jelly:

Now we are ready to enjoy binge watching Kdramas while snacking delectable Korean snacks!

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