We wanted to get ourselves new big pots for our bamboo plants and discovered this place which sells Chinese New Year plants and decorations. The place is Lot 54 Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading which is located at Kawasan Landskap & Surgery, Tropicana where you can get all your landscaping and garden stuff. There are many different plant nurseries located on this rather rocky road including Katsura Garden Centre which looked inviting but I didn’t have time to stop by. Lot 54, is at the end of the road.

They were just putting up this God of Prosperity balloon when we got there.
This is the sign which you can see from the main road. The address is  Lot 3, Kawasan Landskap, Jln Tropicana Selatan, Kawasan Landskap, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor as shown on the Google Map below.

Drive to the end of the road, there will be many plant nurseries along the way, you have arrived when you see the large numbers 54 at the end of Kawasan Landskap & Nursery, Jln Tropicana Selatan.

Lot 54 Weng Thye Brothers Ceramics Trading
The entrance before they put up the God of Prosperity Balloon
Lime plants or Kumquats are a must during Chinese New Year because it symbolizes having a good start to the new year ahead.
Here are lots of Bamboo plants ready to find new homes

The Bamboo plant represents good luck in income. As bamboo can grow fast, it symbolizes money piling up for the owner during Chinese New Year.

The Lucky Bamboo looks very pretty when combined with lucky charms.

I succumbed to the charm by buying one home in addition to the big pots I had originally gone to buy.
Sculptural lucky bamboo plants, with eye-catching shapes, swirls, or braided stalks, make a nice decoration together with red lanterns which are symbols of wealth, fame and prosperity.
Another auspicious plant during CNY is the ZZ plant, also known as the Zanzibar gem, Jian Qian Shu (“???”) ie gold coin plant) or fortune plant. It is also very lovely as a decoration piece for your home during Chinese New Year
For those who prefer online, you can buy Tiger Year 2022 Chinese New Year hanging tree ornaments like this from
Balloons leading to another part of the nursery
Lots of greenery and even a pretty mural makes this place feel festive.

I have lots more photos because this place is like a huge plant supermarket where you will find all kinds of gardening tools, soil, pots, plants, hanging wind chimes, garden decor and more. I will just focus on the CNY plants and decor in this post. Well, maybe I will just share one more photo because I love greens.

Plants make me happy. Lots of greenery in this section.
Finally it is time to leave. This is the view from the nursery towards the main road.
Find Chinese New Year decorative plants and ornaments from Shopee here.

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