I received one of these beautiful Real Techniques Advent Calendar 2021: 12 Days of Beauty Kit during a 12 days of Christmas Giveaway. I was over the moon to receive these beautiful brushes. I left it unopened till now because I wanted to wait till I had the time to do an unboxing. I had done some unboxing in the past for food and other items on my other blog but this will be my first makeup brushes unboxing… or so I thought.

First I took out my tripod and fixed my phone on it, then I carefully positioned it above the box. Well done! Step 1 complete! Well, it became disaster after that, because first the tripod fell over the box and caused a tear on a couple of the slots! Never mind, not to be hindered by such small issues, I set up the tripod again and shot myself opening the first slot. Yay! Though I did have some trouble opening it and trying to get the product out and then I struggled to open it… and then… the tripod fell over again. Ouch!

“It’s okay, I will do slideshows instead”, I told my son. “Why are you giving up so soon, mom. I will hold the camera for you”. Never mind, you go back to your studies. I think holding the camera would have been more fun than studying, hence the offer.

So, I proceeded to take some shots but forgetful me, I set out to take slot one, followed by the reveal, slot 2, reveal…. but then halfway through I got distracted and the reveal was forgotten. So I deleted the whole bunch of photos and decided to just reveal all! While deleting, I realized I had deleted the original photo of the Real Techniques Advent Calendar 2021: 12 Days of Beauty Kit box as well. Will I never get this right?

Anyway, to cut a long story shot, here is the reveal of the Real Techniques Advent Calendar 2021: 12 Days of Beauty Kit all at one go. Tadaaaa!

Here’s the lovely box. So exciting to get something like this to countdown to Christmas. 12 Real Techniques products to be revealed one a day for 12 days!

Here’s the reveal, all in one shot! The following 12 Real Techniques products are included in the Real Techniques Advent Calendar 2021: 12 Days of Beauty Kit

Day One: Travel Sponge Case
Day Two: Brush Cleanser Gel Packet
Day Three: RT 402 Mini Setting Brush
Day Four: RT 207 Mini Detailer Brush
Day Five: Mask Applicator
Day Six: Miracle Complexion Sponge
Day Seven: RT 300 Mini Deluxe Crease Brush
Day Eight: Miracle Cleansing Sponge
Day Nine: RT 407 Mini Multitask Brush
Day Ten: Tweezers
Day Eleven: RT 301 Mini Base Shadow Brush
Day Twelve: Mini Brush Pouch

This is a very nice travel set as all the brushes are mini versions, there’s even a travel pouch to keep them all together and a travel case for the mini complexion sponge.

There are 5 brushes, 2 sponges and a mask applicator in this set. The Miracle complexion sponge is for smoothing on liquid or cream foundation to give your face a soft dewy finish. It has soft foam whereas the miracle cleansing sponge has a slightly more textured surface so you can exfoliate as you cleanse.

The 5 different brushes are to help you blend, smudge, shade and set. The mask applicator helps you to smooth on masks and exfoliators evenly across your face. No more messy fingers. The brushes are vegan and cruel free. It is recommended to wash the brushes once a week.

The above brushes are available in full sizes with many more exciting sets on Real Techniques Official Store at Shopee.

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