For busy moms, having a manicure is a treat and luxury. Then someone introduced me to Magic Press by Dashing Diva. I tested it out during the recent Chinese New Year period and now I am hooked to beautiful nails you can do yourself at home in a jiffy.

I love everything diy because I honestly hate doing anything that takes away a chunk of my time doing nothing else. So when I discovered this I was very eager to try it.

My profile: Busy mom who prepares meals 3-5 times a day including washing up and all other things that will destroy your salon manicured nails faster than you can say “magic press”.

Here I am with my home diy manicured nails done in 10 minutes, just press on, like magic. Oops! That glittery one needed a little bit of filing. I did say I was busy right? Yes, you can file the nails, no worries and it can be done in a minute.

My verdict: I love this! It is so easy. Compared to normal nail polish, this wins hands down!

Magic Press by Dashing Diva comes in different sizes, there is a short version and even one for kids.

They normally retail for about RM40. I got the above during the CNY promo for RM35 and RM11.

Each set comes with 30 tips in 12 sizes so you don’t have to worry about it fitting your nails.

This is what you will find in the box. Instruction manual, alcohol pad to prepare your nails, 30 nail tips and a wooden pick for removal. The nails have a double sided gel tape and is self-adhesive so all you need to do is select the size you want, remove on side of the tape and press onto your nails. Easy right?

I am using DASHING DIVA Magic Press Mani Soft Shine – Love Maze MDR602.

How to put on

All you need to do is to wash your hands and dry them, make sure your nails are not oily by swabbing with the alcohol pad, remove the self-adhesive sticker and press on. Then make sure you don’t do wet your fingers for about 30 minutes or so. That’s it!

Why I love it.

  • No need to wait for nails to dry
  • Many lovely colours and designs to choose from including 3-D designs and blink blink ones
  • Won’t chip and look ugly
  • Easily replaceable

Is it easy to remove?

Someone asked whether it was easy to remove? I think each person’s experience may be a little bit different. For me, I have no issues with it as all I need to do is wait for it to feel a little bit loose, the I just slide upward and then rub off the remaining gel glue. Its not painful to remove at all and the nails look the same after removal, no residual glue left behind because it is gel based.

Does it come off easily?

As I mentioned, I do a lot of housework and washing so yes, a couple did come off after heavy dish washing with lots of soap suds and water a few times a day. I find that the ones that came loose most of all are the ones on my thumb and middle finger. The rest are very firm and you can wash your hair, scrub your scalp etc and it stays firmly attached. However, I am really happy that it is easily replaceable, just get another one and press again and voila you have perfect nails again. You can even change the design of your replacement if you are so inclined. If you love your design, you can even recycle them by purchasing the double sided glue tape which is sold online.

Where to buy?


Lazada: Dashing Diva Malaysia

There are many collections and selections for both manicure and pedicure and magic press for kids too. You can have a mom and girl bonding session together. I had a hard time selecting because I wanted to buy every colour and design!

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