If you are on social media, eg Facebook or Instagram, I am sure you would have seen the Sister Ann product ads. The ads, especially the Sister Ann Double Effect Waterproof Eyepencil ad is fascinating. So fascinating, I had to try it for myself to see if it is really as claimed or shown in the videos.

So here goes. I bought one Sister Ann Double Effect Waterproof Eyepencil just to test it out and then I went back to their Shopee store to buy two more! I’m not very good at drawing eyes, and I am fair skinned, so I chose the lighter colours so that my mistakes will not be so obvious.

I have the following colours

  • 09 Choco Brown
  • 10 Dark Rose
  • 11 Coral Brick
  • 04 Glam Latte

I found that Choco Brown and Dark Rose were similar with Dark Rose having a reddish tint while Coral Brick and Glam Latte were similar except that Glam Latte had more shimmer. Ok, I’ll learn from this, next time I should be brave and mix and match my colours. Actually you know what? The store has already done the mix and match as you can buy the Sister Ann Double Effect Waterproof Eyepencil as a set of 3. There’s the Daily Package, the Newtro Package and the Pink Tone Package. Which package do you like? They all look so nice, I just can’t decide. I wish I had them all, there are 11 colours all together.

Where to buy:
Sister Ann Official Store Shopee

My verdict.

It is exactly as shown on their video ads. The eye liner or eyepencil as they call it glides on easily, yet it does not smudge. I was worried that it would be difficult to remove. It stayed on even after rubbing with hands or tissue however it came off easily with the use of SisterAnn Smart Lip and Eye Remover. So, no worries about it not being able to come off when you wish to remove it.

Other Sister Ann Products I managed to try with courtesy of Sister Ann. To my delight I was able to try a few more Sister Ann products below.

Sister Ann Bamboo Care Toner Pad (70 Pcs)

This bamboo care toner pad is really nice. It is thin and moist and comes with a tweezer. Perfect for lazy people like me. I really prefer this method much more than splashing on toner with my bare hands. Besides, I can use the toner pads as a mask too, just like down for 20 minutes with a few of these on my face makes a good substitute mask. Its very cooling.

Sister Ann Smart Powerproof Mascara, Sister Ann Perfect Edge Brush Pen Liner and Sister Ann Slim Auto Eyebrow

The mascara is just nice, not too thick and the curved shape of the brush makes it easy to apply. It comes in black and brown.
The brush pen liner is a soft type of brush which makes it so much easier to apply compared to a stiff pen. It is available in 2 colours 01_EDGE BLACK & 02_EDGE BROWN
The slim auto eyebrow comes in two colours ie 01_NATURAL BROWN and 02_LIGHT BROWN. It is really slim so you can mimic the hairs of your eyebrow making it look natural. I have both the colours and although I am light skinned, I prefer the darker colour.

Good news for those who like things that come in a bundle or set. Check out the SISTERANN makeup box NEW YEAR gift combination Brand bundle https://shp.ee/thaerj3. It comes with most of the items shown above except the bamboo toner pad.

This is a limited edition bundle which comes with the famed DOUBLE EFFECT WATERPROOF EYEPENCIL 2 pcs (pencil type liner) 04_GLAM LATTE 09_CHOCO BROWN -PERFECT EDGE BRUSH PEN LINER 1 pcs (liquid type liner) 01_EDGE BLACK -SMART POWERPROOF MASCARA 1 pcs 01_BLACK -SLIM AUTO EYEBROW 1 pcs 01_NATURAL BROWN -LIP & EYE MAKEUP REMOVER +1 Free sample kit

Below is the sample kit

I am totally sold on this brand and can’t wait to try more of their products. The pinkhole jelly cover pact and water glitter shadow looks interesting!

Before I end this post, here’s a little video on my main item of review ie. the Sister Ann Double Effect Waterproof Eyepencil. This video shows the sharpener which is embedded at the other end of the eyepencil. Brilliant and really convenient!


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