I’m really happy to have an opportunity to try out The Pink Stuff The Miracle Toilet Cleaner. It was a Sunday when I took it out to try. I don’t like to wash toilets on Sundays since it is rest day but I had been procrastinating… So I took out the Pink Stuff and that was motivation enough for me to clean because the packaging looks so good. I love the pink, it really brightens up my bathroom.

Let’s see. On the front it says
– thick cleaning gel
– removes stains and limescale
– sparkling foam cleaning action

Right! Let’s put it to work!

The bottle has a screw on cap like this. The shape of the bottle is slanted so its easier to squirt the gel under the sides.

The liquid is thick but to me although it says gel, it didn’t really feel gel like but of course I love the pop of pink in my bathroom. It kills my boredom of cleaning. A little bright spot like this makes all the difference.

Let’s have a look at the back of the bottle for the instructions. The description says “A unique fresh, fruity perfume fills the whole toilet. Its foam cleaning action leaves your toilet sparkling clean. The thick cleaning gel clings to the toilet bowl. “Removes limescale when used regularly (3 times per week). Cleans above and below the water line.

Directions for use:
Open the bottle squeezing the pads on the sides of the cap. Direct nozzle under the toilet rim and squeeze bottle to apply liquid. Flush away for a sparkling clean, fresh finish. For built-up limescale, leave overnight with the toilet seat in an upright position.

When I squirted the cleaning agent into my toilet bowl, the familiar smell of The Pink Stuff Paste filled the air. I was supposed to just leave and then flush but I decided to give it a quick brush too before flushing. Here’s the end results. Foamy = yes and sparkling clean = yes! However, there are still some stubborn limescale stains under the rims which I hope to remove with continued long term use as the bottle suggests. (This is my first time trying).

Companions of The Pink Stuff Toilet Cleaner in the bathroom include The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste and The Pink Stuff Bathroom Foam Cleaner.

The bathroom foam cleaner which has a squirt cap which squirts out pink foam left my sink sparkling clean as well.

The Pink Stuff cleaners look good on my shelves and make the thankless task of cleaning much more pleasant. Great stuff and I love Pink!

Where to buy:
The Pink Stuff Official Store Shopee
The Pink Stuff Authorized Store Lazada

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