My husband had always wanted to have a soldering iron set. He said it would be useful to have around the house. So finally one day, when our fan stopped working, he had the perfect excuse to buy one.

We bought this 15-in-1 Portable 60W 220V Soldering Iron Set Electronic Iron Kit from shopee from this seller:

The set includes an electric soldering iron, desoldering pump, 5 soldering iron heads, tin wire tube, soldering iron stand, tweezers, cleaning sponge, wire stripper, 2 electronic wires packed in a fabric zipper box. The temperature range is 200 – 450 degrees celsius. You can use it for simple home DIY, home appliance repair, headset repair, computer repair, mobile phone repair and welding circuit.

Here is what we did with our set.

DIY Soldering loose wire from stand fan.

Our stand fan stopped working, so we opened it up to find out the cause, to see if it was something simple we could diy at home safely.

One of the wires had gotten loose.

So out came our soldering iron kit and the instructions that came with it. It is advisable to read the instructions in full before attempting to do any soldering.

First we picked a tip, fixed it and then heated up the soldering iron. The iron can be heated up to between 200 – 450 degrees celsius. There is a soldering stand where you can do this safely as the iron will be quite hot. Do not touch any metal parts to prevent burns.

You can use the wire stripper cutter to strip off the outer covering of the wire if necessary.

After the soldering iron is heated, we pulled out the soldering wire and positioned it with the soldering iron to solder the wire in place.

During soldering, some smoke is expected due to the heat.

When soldering is completed, we waited for it to cool.

After that we screwed the back of the fan back in place and the fan was working again.

Very simple and fast instead of sending the fan for servicing. However do note that, since this is an electrical appliance, utmost care must be observed! If attempting this at home, please ensure that all electrical plugs are unplugged. Keep children away and do not touch any hot metal parts during the process.

Soldering Iron Set for Beginners – Where to buy

We bought ours from KAOL Mall on Shopee

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